Custom Branded PVC Bespoke USB Drives Delivered Fast

Custom shaped USB drives are our specialty! they look incredible when finished and they can really make your brand stand out. Not only can they be made to any shape or size you desire, they can be made in up to 6 PVC colours which are all available matched to the Pantone colour standard. To make life even easier we offer a 100% complimentary design service, that's right our in house graphic designers will design and provide you a proof of your PVC USB drives prior to final order sign off. All you need to do is complete our quick quote for (right) and our team will get straight back to you with a quote and design.


    As technology makes its way into every facet of daily life, the amount of media, documents, and other important content stored on users’ computers will continue to grow. Rather than saving everything on one device, such as a smartphone, desktop, or laptop, many are storing things on flash drives. They’re simple to use; simply insert it, copy the content over, and remove it. While most buy flash drives at local shops, some rely on drives they’ve received as promotional items. Custom shaped flash drives are a useful, unique way for companies to advertise their products and build a brand. Here, business owners can learn more about the custom shaped flash drives available today.

    What Is a Custom Shape Flash Drive?

    Customised USB drives work like any other flash drive. They are designed to store a range of information, such as media files, text documents, PowerPoint presentations, and much more. However, unlike conventional drives, custom shaped flash drives come designed in shapes that reflect a company’s products, services, and brand image. For instance, a pizza shop could order custom drives in the shape of a tasty slice. These unique promotional items are available in a nearly limitless range of shapes and styles. Call today to create a one-of-a-kind USB drive that’s not like anyone else’s.

    How Do Customised USB Drives Help Businesses?

    What sort of advantages do custom shape USB drives offer over standard models? Here, we’ll look at a few of the biggest benefits of flash drive customisation.

    • Promoting the company: Customised, shaped USB drives are a valuable marketing tool for businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other parts of Australia. When companies give away or sell custom shaped flash drives, they become more than a marketing tool; they’re like a business card that automatically grabs and holds customers’ attention.
    • Easy discernment: What’s more irritating than getting one’s flash drive mixed up with a co-worker’s? When everyone has a conventional USB drive, these mix-ups are quite common. For instance, if it’s mistakenly left in a computer, someone else may take it. However, with a custom shape drive, it’s easy for everyone to tell their USB sticks apart.
    • More fun: While flash drives are certainly a useful thing to have around the office, most aren’t fun at all. However, when they’re customised with fun shapes, colours, and images, they can make any boring workday more exciting. When customers receive these handy promotional items, they’re sure to smile every time they use them. These are just some of the benefits of customised flash drives, and there are many more to consider. Visit us today to find out more or to place an order.

    Call Today for More Info

    USB drives are so commonplace that they’ve become a popular promotional item. However, it’s important for companies to choose flash drives that stand out from the crowd. With custom shaped flash drives, businesses can get their names out there and keep them in customers’ minds. Call today to request a quote or to get started.