Promotional Gifts & Marketing Items For Real Estate

At Dynamic Gift, we have extensive experience in working with real estate agents all over Australia, and we understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to choosing promotional products. To help you build your business and spread the word, we’ve come up with a carefully curated collection of real estate promotional products. Take advantage of our hands free service: simply send us a list of products you are interested in and our team will prepare a fully written quote and a free virtual artwork proof for your perusal. Enquire now!

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  • Bespoke Shape Inflatable Wavey Air Dancer-20

    Bespoke Shape Inflatable Wavey Air Dancer

  • Champagne Flute-20

    Champagne Flute

  • Office Pro Lined Notebook-20

    Office Pro Lined Notebook

  • Fridge Magnet Torch-20

    Fridge Magnet Torch

  • Leather Home Keyring-20

    Leather Home Keyring

  • Feather Flag Banners-20

    Feather Flag Banners

  • Plastic Membership Key Tags-20

    Plastic Membership Key Tags

  • DM172 Metal Pens-20

    DM172 Metal Pens

  • The STD A4 Compendium-20

    The STD A4 Compendium

  • USB Key Drives-20

    USB Key Drives

  • Metal House Keyring-20

    Metal House Keyring

  • 660ml Tritan Flat Bottle-20

    660ml Tritan Flat Bottle

  • 3m Straight Stretch Media Wall-20

    3m Straight Stretch Media Wall

  • Full Colour Phone Charging Pad-20

    Full Colour Phone Charging Pad

  • Carnival 2 Tone Mug-20

    Carnival 2 Tone Mug

  • Trade Show Tote Bag 25x33cm-20

    Trade Show Tote Bag 25x33cm

  • Hard Enamel Keyrings-20

    Hard Enamel Keyrings

  • Self Powered Torch-20

    Self Powered Torch

  • Carbon Pro Golf Umbrella-20

    Carbon Pro Golf Umbrella

  • The Wrist Padded Mouse Pad-20

    The Wrist Padded Mouse Pad

  • Promotional Flag Bunting-20

    Promotional Flag Bunting

  • Calico Double Short Handle Tote-20

    Calico Double Short Handle Tote

  • Printed Sticky Notepads-20

    Printed Sticky Notepads

  • House Coin Bank-20

    House Coin Bank

  • Full Colour Sticky Booklet-20

    Full Colour Sticky Booklet

  • Urban Coffee Cup-20

    Urban Coffee Cup

  • Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen-20

    Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen

  • Printed Polyester Lanyards-20

    Printed Polyester Lanyards

  • Stress House-20

    Stress House

  • Grey Multi-Tool & Torch Set-20

    Grey Multi-Tool & Torch Set

  • Real Estate Lawn Sign-20

    Real Estate Lawn Sign

  • Stretch Zip Table Cloth-20

    Stretch Zip Table Cloth

  • Hard Enamel Trolley Coins-20

    Hard Enamel Trolley Coins

  • Trolley Coin Holder Keyring-20

    Trolley Coin Holder Keyring

  • Inflatable Wavey Air Dancer-20

    Inflatable Wavey Air Dancer

  • Classic Can Mug-20

    Classic Can Mug

  • 350ml Eco Travel Mug-20

    350ml Eco Travel Mug

  • Zippered Neoprene Laptop Sleeve-20

    Zippered Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

  • Standard Badge Pullers-20

    Standard Badge Pullers

  • Real Estate A Frame Sign-20

    Real Estate A Frame Sign

  • Promo House Keyring-20

    Promo House Keyring

  • Twin Bottle Wine Cooler-20

    Twin Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Single Bottle Wine Cooler-20

    Single Bottle Wine Cooler

  • House Memo Clip-20

    House Memo Clip

  • 800mL Promotional Sports Bottle-20

    800mL Promotional Sports Bottle

  • 1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads-20

    1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads

  • Stretch Pop Up Banner-20

    Stretch Pop Up Banner

  • Wireless Phone Charging Pad-20

    Wireless Phone Charging Pad

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Choosing the right items

When selecting promotional products for any industry, you need to consider the target market at all times, and think about what people within that field buy and what they really want. To help you maximise the impact of your promotional items, we’ve come up with some great ideas for real estate agents and property companies.

Useful, practical real estate promotional items

Real estate agents often spend a significant amount of time out in the field, and they also look to build a network of local contacts and establish a reputation within a certain area. With this in mind, we recommend promotional items such as:

  • Branded pens
  • Branded keyrings
  • Travel mugs and flasks
  • USB drives
  • Business cards
  • Sports bottles
  • Lanyards

Welcome gifts for tenants and new homeowners

Customers love a personal touch, and there are some very simple and affordable ways to make your clients feel like a VIP by providing small but thoughtful gifts.

Examples include:

  • Oven gloves
  • Mugs
  • House-shaped keyrings
  • Wine cooler
  • Mouse pad

If you’re looking to get your name out there, or you’re keen to add a personal touch, why not enquire for a free quote and a no obligation artwork proof? We look forward to hearing from you!