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We smash anyones price and quality on printed promotional notepads. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to promote your business and increase public exposure, look no further than Dynamic Gift’s outstanding range of note pads, sticky booklets and other customisable writing materials. Due to the highly useful nature of these materials and the wide array of environments, both commercial and private, in which they can be used, they offer unparalleled possibilities for exposure and will most certainly help to keep your business brand at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

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  • Office Pro Lined Notebook-20

    Office Pro Lined Notebook

  • Marble Soft Cover Notebook-20

    Marble Soft Cover Notebook

  • Vogue A5 Notebook-20

    Vogue A5 Notebook

  • Full Colour Sticky Booklet-20

    Full Colour Sticky Booklet

  • Printed Notebooks-20

    Printed Notebooks

  • Custom Shaped Sticky Notepads-20

    Custom Shaped Sticky Notepads

  • A5 Functional Notebook Cover-20

    A5 Functional Notebook Cover

  • Daisy Sticky Notes-20

    Daisy Sticky Notes

  • Snap Memo Clip-20

    Snap Memo Clip

  • Memo Holder-20

    Memo Holder

  • Pocket Sticky Flags-20

    Pocket Sticky Flags

  • Sticky Notes with Bookmark & Ruler-20

    Sticky Notes with Bookmark & Ruler

  • Large Pu Memo Holder-20

    Large Pu Memo Holder

  • Folding Cube Desk Holder-20

    Folding Cube Desk Holder

  • 4 Layers Recycled Sticky Notepad-20

    4 Layers Recycled Sticky Notepad

  • Memo Holder With Calendar-20

    Memo Holder With Calendar

  • Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen-20

    Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen

  • A5 Notepads-20

    A5 Notepads

  • Civic A5 Linen Notebook with Elastic Closure-20

    Civic A5 Linen Notebook with Elastic Closure

  • Pro Notebook Pen Combo-20

    Pro Notebook Pen Combo

  • Printed Sticky Notepads-20

    Printed Sticky Notepads

  • Duchess Spiral Notebook-20

    Duchess Spiral Notebook

  • Lil Sticky Note Book-20

    Lil Sticky Note Book

  • Sticky Note Pad Block-20

    Sticky Note Pad Block

  • The Swag Stationery Kit-20

    The Swag Stationery Kit

  • Lock-it Spiral Notebook-20

    Lock-it Spiral Notebook

  • Safari Notebook Pen Combo-20

    Safari Notebook Pen Combo

  • Argos A5 Notebook with Pen Holder in Spine-20

    Argos A5 Notebook with Pen Holder in Spine

  • Sticky Pad Pen Combo-20

    Sticky Pad Pen Combo

  • Business Card Notepad-20

    Business Card Notepad

  • Elastic Closure Notebook-20

    Elastic Closure Notebook

  • Tuck Away Recycled Jotter-20

    Tuck Away Recycled Jotter

  • Clipboard Note Calculator-20

    Clipboard Note Calculator

  • A2 Notepads-20

    A2 Notepads

  • Magnetic To Do List / Notepad-20

    Magnetic To Do List / Notepad

  • Sticky Booklet-20

    Sticky Booklet

  • Sticky Flag Puzzle-20

    Sticky Flag Puzzle

  • Duke Spiral Notebook-20

    Duke Spiral Notebook

  • The Times Spiral Notebook-20

    The Times Spiral Notebook

  • A6 Notepads-20

    A6 Notepads

  • Odyssey Pocket Notebook With Pen-20

    Odyssey Pocket Notebook With Pen

  • Sticky Notepad Kit 2-20

    Sticky Notepad Kit 2

  • Spiral Bound Notepad-20

    Spiral Bound Notepad

  • The Coordinator Notebook-20

    The Coordinator Notebook

  • The Write & Go Mini Pad-20

    The Write & Go Mini Pad

  • A4 Notepads-20

    A4 Notepads

  • Large Snap Closure Notebook With Desk Essentials-20

    Large Snap Closure Notebook With Desk Essentials

  • Circle Bookmark with Noteflags-20

    Circle Bookmark with Noteflags

  • Recycled Cardboard Note Pad-20

    Recycled Cardboard Note Pad

  • Survey Spiral Pocket Notebook-20

    Survey Spiral Pocket Notebook

  • Spiral Book With Noteflags-20

    Spiral Book With Noteflags

  • Promotional Sticky Flag Kit-20

    Promotional Sticky Flag Kit

  • The Work Rules Desk Kit-20

    The Work Rules Desk Kit

  • Snap Elastic Notebook-20

    Snap Elastic Notebook

  • Recycled Mini Notebook-20

    Recycled Mini Notebook

  • Business Card Bookmark-20

    Business Card Bookmark

  • A3 Notepads-20

    A3 Notepads

  • Tradie Cardboard Notebook with Pen-20

    Tradie Cardboard Notebook with Pen

  • Custom Shape Notepads-20

    Custom Shape Notepads

  • The Sun Spiral Notebook-20

    The Sun Spiral Notebook

  • The Maximum Clipboard-20

    The Maximum Clipboard

  • Memo Stacker Notepads-20

    Memo Stacker Notepads

  • Bamboo Notebook-20

    Bamboo Notebook

  • Venture A5 Notebook-20

    Venture A5 Notebook

  • Tradesman Pocket Spiral Notebook-20

    Tradesman Pocket Spiral Notebook

  • Notepad Kit 3-20

    Notepad Kit 3

  • Sticky Note Pen Combo-20

    Sticky Note Pen Combo

  • Snap Elastic Jotter-20

    Snap Elastic Jotter

  • Daily Jotter-20

    Daily Jotter

  • Mini Desk Caddy-20

    Mini Desk Caddy

  • House Bookmark & Noteflags-20

    House Bookmark & Noteflags

  • A1 Notepads-20

    A1 Notepads

  • Dynamic A5 Journal-20

    Dynamic A5 Journal

  • The Rock Notebook-20

    The Rock Notebook

  • Custom Card Sticky-20

    Custom Card Sticky

  • Deskpad With Sticky Flags-20

    Deskpad With Sticky Flags

  • Maximum Jotter Pad-20

    Maximum Jotter Pad

  • Snap Large Notebook-20

    Snap Large Notebook

Set Descending Direction

78 Item(s)

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Printed Notepads: The useful awarness item

When sourcing custom promotional items to give out to your current client base and attendees at Australian trade shows and other events, cheap writing materials like notebooks and pads are an excellent choice as they’re cost-effective to buy and print with your brand and logo, plus they’re also inherently useful items and therefore provide recipients, regardless of age, gender and occupation, with value. Our range of custom-made note and sticky pads are cheap yet inherently stylish and we even provide a free art and design service so as to ensure that your promotional efforts garner maximum exposure for your business and help it to put its best foot forward at all times.

Eco-friendly Products and Green Credentials

With the emphasis increasingly placed on sustainable business practices it’s consequently wise to afford attention to eco-friendly products and ‘green credentials’. Dynamic Gift is proud to offer our Bamboo Eco Notepads which present a first-rate means of showing your important client-base that your business organisation takes sustainable business practices seriously. This inherently desirable spiral bound pad comes with seventy sheets of recycled paper and a recycled push button pen, and with your business name printed on the cover and on each sheet of recycled paper alongside the recycled symbol, empowers your business to showcase its green credentials.

Client Interaction and Furthering Brand Awareness

Furthering brand awareness for your business organisation can be achieved both directly and indirectly. An excellent indirect means of furthering brand awareness in the minds of your clients can be achieved by providing your employees with writing pads that boldly display your business brand and logo so that over the course of the working day your client base will be further exposed to your brand. Dynamic Gift’s premium plastic folder housing a pen and pad is an excellent example as both pen and pad can be printed with your logo in up to four pantone colours, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of their minds during meetings.

Cost-effective Sticky Booklets and Pads

The cost-effective nature of branded sticky booklets and pads and the fact that sticky sheets are often displayed in prominent locations has long endeared these cheap promotional items to businesses. With over 900 pantone colours to choose from and a wide array of shapes and sizes, regardless of the surroundings in which they’re displayed, our sticky booklets and pads are available at wholesale prices and will unquestionably help your promotional efforts to come to fruition.