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Are you seeking something sleek and professional with which to advertise your company? Dynamic Gift has the ideal solution with our range of personalised metal merchandise. From bottle openers to dog tags, we can supply you with a range of items that reflect your company in a positive light. So get your company seen by the right audience and promote your business in an effective manner by handing these items out at tradeshows, street-side stalls and office events. Simply send us your design details and we will design & produce quality metal promo items at brilliant wholesale rates. You won't find a better dye struck metal provides anywhere in Australia.

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  • Promotional Button Badges-20

    Promotional Button Badges

  • Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings-20

    Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings

  • Soft Enamel Lapel Pins-20

    Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

  • Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Medals-20

    Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Medals

  • Full Colour Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins-20

    Full Colour Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins

  • Die Struck (No Inkfill) Keyrings-20

    Die Struck (No Inkfill) Keyrings

  • Screen Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings-20

    Screen Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings

  • Spinner Medals-20

    Spinner Medals

  • Powder Coated Medals-20

    Powder Coated Medals

  • Economy Stainless Steel Keyring-20

    Economy Stainless Steel Keyring

  • Custom Printed Aluminium Sign-20

    Custom Printed Aluminium Sign

  • Translucent Medals-20

    Translucent Medals

  • Grille Badges-20

    Grille Badges

  • Imitation Cloisonné Keyrings-20

    Imitation Cloisonné Keyrings

  • Glitter Medals-20

    Glitter Medals

  • Digital Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings-20

    Digital Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings

  • Screen Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins-20

    Screen Print Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins

  • Bespoke Metal Keyrings-20

    Bespoke Metal Keyrings

  • Die Struck (No Inkfill) Lapel Pins-20

    Die Struck (No Inkfill) Lapel Pins

  • Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Lapel Pins-20

    Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Lapel Pins

  • Hard Enamel Lapel Pins-20

    Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

  • Hard Enamel Keyrings-20

    Hard Enamel Keyrings

  • Screw Magnet-20

    Screw Magnet

  • Country Flag Pin Badge-20

    Country Flag Pin Badge

  • Stainless Steel Straw-20

    Stainless Steel Straw

  • Light Up Button Badges-20

    Light Up Button Badges

  • Mini Metal Money Clip-20

    Mini Metal Money Clip

  • Telescopic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw-20

    Telescopic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

  • Economy In Stock Medal-20

    Economy In Stock Medal

  • Bespoke Bottle Openers-20

    Bespoke Bottle Openers

  • Custom Compliance Plate-20

    Custom Compliance Plate

  • Adhesive Badge-20

    Adhesive Badge

  • Beer Tap Badges-20

    Beer Tap Badges

  • Multi Metal Keyring-20

    Multi Metal Keyring

  • Custom Belt Buckles-20

    Custom Belt Buckles

  • Metal Cufflinks-20

    Metal Cufflinks

  • Express Medal 1-20

    Express Medal 1

  • CMYK Photo Print Opener-20

    CMYK Photo Print Opener

  • Custom Dog Tags-20

    Custom Dog Tags

  • Express Medals 2-20

    Express Medals 2

  • Express Medal 3-20

    Express Medal 3

  • Express Medal 4-20

    Express Medal 4

  • Express Medal 5-20

    Express Medal 5

  • Express Medal 6-20

    Express Medal 6

  • Express Medal 7-20

    Express Medal 7

  • Express Medal 8-20

    Express Medal 8

  • Metal Fridge Magnets-20

    Metal Fridge Magnets

  • Recognition Rings-20

    Recognition Rings

  • Metal Pocket Badge-20

    Metal Pocket Badge

  • Magnetic Clip Golf Place Marker-20

    Magnetic Clip Golf Place Marker

  • Metal Key Tag-20

    Metal Key Tag

  • Compact Key Organiser-20

    Compact Key Organiser

  • Custom Metal Swing Tags-20

    Custom Metal Swing Tags

  • Charm Coin Necklace-20

    Charm Coin Necklace

Set Descending Direction

54 Item(s)

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Custom metal items lift companies image

Our team of advisors will help you create tailor-made products that fit in with your existing marketing initiatives. To help you obtain the ideal metal items, we will first discuss your proposed product design and tweak it to maximise its effectiveness with regards to the type of gift or merchandise you are creating. In this way, you can buy our products with confidence that what you receive will attract new clients and increase your brand exposure in the future. As far as corporate advertising goes, our products are certainly some of the best options available.

Rapid turnaround times and rush options

If you need your metal gift items in rapid time, we can accommodate your wishes, as we have our own production facilities. This means there is no outsourcing to external suppliers. Instead, we will create your branded items and deliver them to you in very little time. Whether you order some name tags or golf divots, all of our metal products will be designed, manufactured and sent off following strict timing protocols. These items can be ordered from anywhere around Australia too, as we believe that your company, no matter where it is, should benefit from our range of superior merchandise.

Options for any budget and economy level

As we run our own factory, we also guarantee some of the lowest prices in the country. There is no dealing with middle men or third party manufacturers, meaning that our bulk rates are some of the best nationwide. No matter how small or large your company is, you should be able to afford our sleek, professional range of metal promo goods. With our cheap rates and outstanding quality, Dynamic Gift is the premier choice when it comes to moulded name tags, bottle openers and much more. Contact us today and find out how we can improve your marketing potential!

Bring your companies image to a new level

We know what you want when it comes to ordering high quality commercial gifts and merchandise for your company. Our promotional goods will help you make an excellent impression on the public without costing a fortune. Whether you want some printed bottle openers or some engraved name tags, we guarantee a product that suits your every need. Our custom metal goods will help you increase overall client satisfaction and promote awareness of your brand in an effective manner without the need to dip too much into your commercial budget.