Custom Printed & Promotional Dog Tags at LOW Prices

Browse our range of custom promotional dog tags which are all available made with your logo branded onto them. We will not be beaten on price, quality or turnaround time and our branded dog tags are all manufactured by us, in our factory to stringent quality standards. Ask us today for a free quote and a no obligation virtual sample of your design. Or give us a call to discuss your requirements, we want your business and our friendly team will do everything to ensure the highest level of service to you!


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    Many Promotional items simply aren’t that interesting to younger audiences. Whether you’re hoping to attract teens or young adults to your business, make sure you’re giving away something they’re going to want. Our Custom dog tags are fashionable and sure to impress just about anyone. They can also be completely customized for your business.

    Younger audiences want something fun. They want something stylish that they’re going to want to wear. When you order personalised pet tags, you choose all the details to ensure it shows off your brand while still appealing to a younger audience. We make it easy to capture the interest of younger audiences with them, but you can completely customize the options to make sure they fit the image you want to portray.

    Marketing and Promotions: Start Building Brand Awareness

    Branded items can increase brand awareness for your business exponentially. When these items are worn by your customers, others will be able to see them as well. The more they’re seen, the more your brand awareness grows. We offer numerous options and enable you to choose all of the options to show off your brand whenever your customers wear them.

    Promo items are also fantastic because people love getting things for free. When they’re given something that’s stylish and fun, they’re more likely to use it every day. These marketing items are a perfect option for a promo gift because your customers are going to really like being able to show off a brand, they’re interested in. Though you pay a small amount for the such items, you’ll end up getting a huge return on the investment.

    Ideal for Memberships and Clubs Plus Fashion and Music Industries

    Memberships and clubs often need a way to show who’s a member. Our Promotional IDs and chains are perfect for this as they’re easy to spot even in a crowd and can be designed to really stand out. They’re also perfect for those who are in the fashion and music industries as they can be used as ID badges and will be easy to detect.

    Dog tags are coming back in style and are going to be perfect for a wide range of industries, especially those that focus on today’s fashions. They can be used in educational settings for students or instructors, to entice shoppers to purchase new items, or even as a loyalty card for a business.

    High-Quality at a Great Price

    All of our Custom dog tags are made from high-quality materials and are created to meet your needs. They can be personalized to make sure they’re going to showcase your branding and be what your customers are looking for. We make it easy to choose every detail for the tags and can even help you with the design. Our design service is available to ensure your personalized merchandise look fantastic when they’re done and help make sure the investment is one that will bring a huge return for your business or organization.

    Various Styles to Meet Your Needs

    Our Printed and customized tags are available in a variety of different styles to meet your needs. Consider the different styles when you’re envisioning it for your business to choose the right one and then add the right design elements. Some of the most popular choices we offer include the following dog tags.

    Screen Printed– It can have your image or logo easily printed on them. They’re durable, so they will last a long time.

    Laser Engraved– For more durability and style, we offer laser engraved or embossed product. Though they’re just one colour, they can be customized with your business name and logo.

    Full-Colour – If you’re looking for something that’s really going to stand out, check out our full-colour dog tags.

    Functional– Dog tags don’t have to just be for looks. If you’d like something a little extra special that your customers are sure to appreciate, check out our bottle opener or USB dog tags.

    If you need a promo product that’s going to appeal to a younger audience, check out our products today. Available at Wholesale prices to help you save money, our dog tags can be created to look exactly how you want. As the top promo item provider in Australia, we can help you with everything from the style choice to the final design to ensure that our promo items will meet your needs.