Custom Branded Metal Badges & Plates, Custom Labels, Compliance Plates & Plaques

We have a wide range of custom made metal badges and plates, from 3D stickers, adhesive metal badges and grille badges, to aluminium metal plates and custom compliance plates. All our badges and plates can be customised with your logo or design.


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    Custom compliance plates, placards and badges for manufacturing are essential components of running a successful business. They help your company do all sorts of things, from showing when a machine was last serviced to promoting your enterprise on the front of a vehicle.

    With our custom compliance plates, you can provide information about vehicles and machines required by law, all in a way that works in conjunction with your corporate image. Custom metal plates can include information about the origin, make, date of manufacture, and model number of a particular piece of equipment, and also be customised to your specific needs, allowing you full control over how your plates appear. They are made to any size you require, so get in touch with us today and tell us exactly what you need.

    VIN plates are a requirement of Australian law for all trailers up to 4.5 tonnes. We can provide you with highly-customised, high-quality grille plates that include all the necessary legal information and much, much more. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you. Remember, we do full-colour custom branding, made to any size or shape requirements.

    Do you need an adhesive badge to stick on your product, telling customers where they purchased a product from, or when maintenance was carried out? If so, then our adhesive badges are the perfect solution. Extremely hard wearing, these badges are ideal in practically any commercial setting, offering full customisation and colour printing.

    Finally, 3D dome badges are a great way to mark your products in both indoor and outdoor settings. The tough epoxy coating and adhesive backing allow you to quickly and easy adorn products. All dome badges are fully customisable and are made to any shape or size you desire.

    Do you own a much-loved commercial vehicle? Then why not celebrate it? With our custom-made grille plates and placards, you can show everyone just how much you love your corporate vehicle, whether it’s a delivery vehicle, pickup truck, tractor or something else.

    Complying with regulations is a necessary part of doing business, but here at Dynamic Gifts, we put you back in control. Not only do our compliance badges ensure you meet all your compliance requirements, but you can also customise them too, giving your company a professional appearance, consistent with your brand.

    Placards are a great way to promote a cause, especially when attached to a vehicle. Use our custom badges to tell your customers about what matters to you. Not sure what design to choose? Call on our 100 per cent free artwork service and get our professional designers to come up with something for you.

    Badges or plates are a great way for you to provide critical information to customers and colleagues alike. You can use our badges to tell customers when a product was last serviced or inform colleagues of how to get in touch with a vendor.

    Here at Dynamic Gifts, we understand how important it is to have clear, personalised badges, plates and placards. That’s why we’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure that we offer business customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the rest of Australia, only the very best service.

    Full control over size and shape. No two businesses are the same, and neither are their badge requirements, whether for compliance or promotional purposes. We give you full control over the shape and size of your badges, giving you the ability to customise badges to fit your brand or fit into tight spaces. Our compliance plates come in sizes ranging from the size of a business card, all the way up to something much larger - plenty of space to provide all relevant information.

    Tough, durable materials.

    Custom Badges, placards and plates need to be able to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor environments. That’s why we stress-test all our materials to ensure that you get a great return for your money.

    Use our rush service.

    Need badges or plates quickly? With our rush service, you can have them in your possession in as little as ten days.

    Full control over colour.

    At Dynamic Gift, we use state-of-the-art printing technology, giving you complete control over the colour of your badges. Nothing is too crazy for us. Get badges that perfectly and seamlessly slot into your existing brand portfolio.