Custom Printed Magnets At Factory Direct Prices

Our custom printed magnets offer a highly affordable promotional solution for any business type! There are no stock sizes and no limitations with our magnets, every single order is custom produced in our factory and cut to any size, shape or design that you require. After being printed in vibrant full colour digital print. People will stick these magnets in their office, on their whiteboard, fridge or anything metal! All the while your branding will be visible and your contact details readily accessible. Talk to us today for a 100% free virtual sample and a fast written quote, emailed in minutes.


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    Promotional Magnets

    Are you looking for a way to advertise your business without intruding on the customer? If so, look no further than custom printed magnets in Australia. With so many options available when it comes to this promotional item, you’ll find you can obtain a wide range of magnets to meet the needs of your clients, suppliers, partners, and employees with ease. Furthermore, if you truly want your marketing materials to stand out, choose specialty magnets in various shapes. They are sure to get noticed wherever they are displayed, and your business gets the attention you are after.

    The Benefits of Magnet Printing

    Why should a business select custom magnets over the many promotional items available today? First and foremost, magnets can be displayed in a variety of places. Thanks to this versatility, they are likely to be used by all who receive the item. However, they aren’t intrusive in that the recipient can go about his or her day and have the magnet available when needed. Otherwise, it simply stays in the background. It doesn’t interfere with normal activities.

    Which Industries Benefit from Magnet Printing?

    Regardless of what industry a person works in, he or she will find promotional magnets to be of benefit. Medical professionals, including labs and dentists, often provide these items for their patients and include information about the next appointment or medication instructions. Tax preparation services may choose to provide a magnet to clients to ensure they always have the firm’s number at hand, and insurance companies tend to do the same.

    Office supplies need to be replenished and there is no better way to ensure a client contacts you than to provide a magnet with your name, number, and website URL on it. Home improvement companies and real estate agents find magnets ensure they remain in a client’s mind even when there is minimal contact for an extended period of time, and mechanics may use the magnets to remind customers of when they should next bring their car in for service.

    Regardless of the industry, magnets can be of help. Furthermore, people often like to display these magnets in a prominent place, especially unusual or interesting ones. Keep this in mind when choosing which magnets to buy for great results.

    What to Include on the Magnet

    Every magnet should provide contact information for the business. The company name must always be included, and the business owner decides which additional information is pertinent. This may be a phone number, a number where the business may receive text messages, an email address, and/or a website URL. Customers should not have to search for this information, so make certain the desired info is clearly displayed on the magnet. By making the contact details easy to find, you significantly reduce the risk of the individual looking elsewhere for the desired product or service.

    Custom magnets are affordable and add value to the recipient’s life. As a result, they provide an outstanding return on investment for anyone who chooses this promotional item. The use of a custom magnet helps to add conviction, personality, and character to a company’s message while sharing information in the process.

    Options to Consider

    A calendar remains an essential part of life. While calendars are easily accessible on mobile devices, there are times when a person simply wants to know a date. By providing individuals with a magnet that advertises your business and includes a calendar, a company can ensure this item will be prominently displayed. Medical providers often supply this option for their patients and circle the date of the next appointment. The recipient sees it as a great appointment reminder, but it is so much more than that.

    Parents will love a magnet that advertises your business while also serving as a photo frame for a treasured memory. By offering this item to clients, a business finds their organization will be clearly displayed in the home. Not only will occupants of the home have the brand message reinforced in the mind, visitors to the residence will also be exposed to the business. As a result, the company gets additional exposure and brand visibility is crucial in today’s competitive market.

    It’s very frustrating to want to open a drink only to discover there is no bottle opener available. Make certain individuals always have one nearby when you choose a magnet that includes an opener of this type. The user will remember the opener and how it saved them from frustration when they need something the business offers. They’ll recognize the company has supplied a product that was useful to them and will likely assume the same is true of all products and services offered by the business.

    Magnets are still very useful to your clients

    Every person has things they must do. Provide them with a magnetic to-do list for the refrigerator and watch your brand visibility increase drastically. The business name is viewed every time an item is added to or removed from this list. Additionally, if a company chooses to offer a paper to-do list that attaches to the refrigerator with a magnet, the list increases the amount of exposure the business receives when the list goes with the recipient to mark items off their list.

    These are only a few of the many ways in which a business can advertise in a unique way. Other magnet options include stubby holders, magnetic jigsaw puzzles, and magnetic bookmarks. Don’t get into a rut and only order one type of magnet. Vary the offerings and customers will likely come back to get new magnets on a regular basis. They may even make a purchase when doing so. What business would refuse the extra sales?

    Visit our site today to learn more about the many different types of magnets we offer. Once you do, you’ll see why so many businesses now opt for custom printed magnets when they need a new promotional item. We offer a free design service to ensure your magnet is exactly what you want and need, and our products can typically arrive at your doorstep ready for distribution within five business days. If you need items sooner, we offer an optional rush service. It doesn’t matter which option you select. You can feel comfortable knowing all clients receive our low-price guarantee. Whenever a client finds an identical item for a lower price in Australia, we’ll beat that price. Our customers should never pay more than they must, and this guarantee ensures they don’t.

    Discover the Versatility of Customised Printing Magnets

    If you’re looking for a fun, memorable, and effective way to promote brand awareness and visibility, magnets are a great choice. At Dynamic Gift, we offer a range of customised printing on magnets that can be cut to any size, shape, or design, making them a versatile promotional tool for your company.

    Our customised magnets are made using the latest full-colour digital printing technology, ensuring that your branding is vibrant and eye-catching. People will be sure to stick these magnets on their fridge, whiteboard, office, or any other metal surface, making them a great way to keep your contact details readily accessible.

    At Dynamic Gift, we take pride in offering promotional magnets that meet the specific needs of our customers. Each order is custom-produced in our factory to your exact specifications.

    Promote the Fun Way with Promotional Magnets

    So, if you're looking for a cost-effective and highly visible promotional solution for your business, look no further than our range of promotional magnets. If you have any questions, speak with our friendly, expert team today and receive a 100% free virtual sample, as well as a written quote that is emailed to you promptly.

    Whether you're interested in printing magnets for giveaways, promotional events, or any other purpose, Dynamic Gift can deliver high-quality products that meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our customised magnets, printing magnets, and other promotional products.