There is nothing quite like opening a gift on your birthday. What if you could replicate that feeling for your employees and clients on any old average day? It's very easy to provide that surprise and delight when you consider corporate gift giving. Giving promotional gifts is an easy way to market yourself and strengthen relationships with your staff and clients. Check out our comprehensive guide below to learn more.


1. Boosts Company Morale

Giving corporate promotional gifts to your employees is the perfect way to increase your company morale. Not only are you letting your employees know you value their hard work, but you are also building a team mentality. It will also show your employees that the business is profiting enough to provide rewards for its employees. And, if it's a product sporting your business's logo, it will build a sense of brand pride and loyalty among your staff. Furthermore, it's been shown that employees who feel appreciated perform better and increases productivity.


2. Sign of Respect

When providing clients, rather than employees, with promotional corporate gifts, it's important to recognise that it's a sign of respect. In Japan, for example, gift-giving between businesses is an important tradition. In Japan, the ritual is more important than the gift itself. While the gift itself is not always the most important part, it's critical to be mindful of these traditions as they often have cultural significance and deeper meanings behind them.


3. Setting Yourself Apart from Your Competition

Providing corporate gifts to both your employees and clients is a way to stand out among a sea of other businesses trying to grab their attention. As far as your employees go, they will appreciate that their work is rewarded through more than just a pat on the back; not many businesses can say that they provide their employees with gifts as a way of expressing their gratitude. Giving gifts to your clients will also set you apart from your competitors. Chances are your clients are working with other businesses, but giving them corporate gifts is definitely a great way to make sure that you become their favourite business partner!


4. Thanking Long-Standing Customers

Giving gifts to long-standing customers is the perfect way to thank your clients for their extended patronage. While not necessary to provide your clients with corporate gifts, the customers will see that their loyalty is valued by your business and may look forward to future gifts should they continue business with you. It's an ideal way to both show your thanks and ensure they continue to deal with your business.


5. Increase in Sales

It should come as no surprise that when you provide your clients and employees with corporate gifts, your sales with increase. Your employees will feel motivated by the gift and extend more effort into their work, thus upping your sales. On the other end, your customers will enjoy the gift and see the worth in continuing a relationship with your business. They will also recognise that investing in your products or services will have other benefits for them, and they will feel like they are getting more value for their money, thus prompting them to continue putting funds into your business.


6. Creating a Positive Atmosphere

Giving gifts is an excellent way to create a welcoming, fun, and positive atmosphere. For both employees and clients alike, giving a gift will make them feel like their presence is valued and they are respected. Especially when dealing with clients, gift-giving before a meeting or conversation is a way to ensure that they will be more open to engaging in discussion and exchanging future business ideas. You want to make sure they feel welcome enough to let their voices be heard.


7. Raising Brand Awareness

Creating and giving corporate gifts is a great way to spread the word about your business. You can put your logo on just about any product these days, and it's super easy to create your own products to give to employees and clients. Promotional mugs and promotional clothes are great if you aren't sure where to start. Each time the recipient uses the product, they'll be reminded of your brand. Not to mention, if it's apparel or something they can use in public (umbrella, backpack, etc.), you will be also broadcasting your brand's name to the general public and potential clients!


8. Cost-Efficient

Corporate promotional gifts act as an incredibly cheap form of advertising. You can buy nice, polished products with your logo on them in bulk and distribute them to your entire client base and staff, as well as at business shows and conventions. Buying promotional products in bulk is much cheaper than buying a tiny bit of ad space in a magazine or newspaper. Not to mention, you're providing them with a piece of long-term advertising, not just something they'll read once and then forget about forever. Advertising through products is also beneficial because if it's a product that a client can utilise regularly, then you're already showing your usefulness as a business to them.


9. Fosters a More Intimate Relationship

Giving a corporate gift to an employee or client is the perfect way to create a more intimate and personal relationship. One of your goals when gifting should be to set the recipient aside from others and make them feel as though they are valued as n individual. Choosing the right personalised gift is the perfect way to go about this. By choosing something unique to them, it will show that you think of them as a person, not only an employee or client. It will also show that you pay attention to conversations and their values.


10. Creates Open Communication

When you provide an employee or client with a gift, it opens a door for clearer communication between both parties. When gifting to an employee, you will have the chance to discuss how valued they are at your company and what their thoughts and feelings are about their workplace. You are building a relationship of trust between you and your staff. Since clients are often sent gifts, they will typically reach out in order to express their gratitude. This gives you an opportunity to discuss and future plans they may wish to have with your business in the future.


Gift Giving Is an Art

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries and a lot of searching before you can find the perfect gift for your employees or a client. You don't want the gift to come off as artificial, but you do want to gift with purpose. Make sure there is thought behind your gifts, and you will see the results behind corporate gift giving. Check out how easy it is to get started with promotional gifts, and you'll start seeing all the benefits for yourself!