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Do you need something really cool to promote your brand? We have gadgets, trinkets and promotional giveaway products that are truly innovative. Designed so that people sit up and actually take notice of your brand, if your tired of the same old pens and stress balls, then look no further for your next promotional product idea. Please remember this is only a fraction of what we are capable of, we have 3000+ products available as standard with a global sourcing team capable of finding or producing any promotional item as well as one of the most comprehensive merchandising and distribution services in the world.

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141 Item(s)

  • N95 Style Face Masks-20
    N95 Style Face Masks
  • Dye Sub Face Masks-20
    Dye Sub Face Masks Price from 1.48 each
  • 10 Pack Pocket Tissues-20
    10 Pack Pocket Tissues
  • KN95 Style Face Masks-20
    KN95 Style Face Masks Price from $3.64 each
  • 5 Pack Disposable Face Masks-20
    5 Pack Disposable Face Masks Price from $5.95 each
  • Disposable Face Masks-20
    Disposable Face Masks Price from $1.53 each
  • Inflatable Isolation Tent-20
    Inflatable Isolation Tent
  • Hand Sanitiser Tube-20
    Hand Sanitiser Tube
  • Paper LED Watches-20
    Paper LED Watches
  • Bamboo Fast Charging Pad-20
    Bamboo Fast Charging Pad
  • Hand Sanitiser Tube-20
    Hand Sanitiser Tube
  • Inflatable Media Wall-20
    Inflatable Media Wall
  • Protein Shaker Sleeve-20
    Protein Shaker Sleeve
  • Bamboo Long Handle Bag-20
    Bamboo Long Handle Bag
  • Neutron Power Bank-20
    Neutron Power Bank
  • Hooded Towel-20
    Hooded Towel
  • 3 in 1 Wireless Device Charger-20
    3 in 1 Wireless Device Charger
  • Budget Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Budget Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • Custom Bow Ties-20
    Custom Bow Ties
  • Bamboo Straw-20
    Bamboo Straw
  • Business Travel Backpack-20
    Business Travel Backpack
  • Recycled PET Microfibre Lens Cloth-20
    Recycled PET Microfibre Lens Cloth
  • Full Colour Phone Fast Charging Pad-20
    Full Colour Phone Fast Charging Pad
  • Virtual Reality 3D Headset-20
    Virtual Reality 3D Headset
  • AstroTurf Surface Stubby Holder-20
    AstroTurf Surface Stubby Holder
  • Wooden Event Passes-20
    Wooden Event Passes
  • Toothpick Flags-20
    Toothpick Flags
  • Harmony Gift Set-20
    Harmony Gift Set
  • Inflatable Hands-20
    Inflatable Hands
  • Shogun Speaker & Inductive Charger-20
    Shogun Speaker & Inductive Charger
  • W02 Wireless Charger-20
    W02 Wireless Charger
  • Retractable Dog Lead-20
    Retractable Dog Lead
  • 600ml Doggy Drink Mug-20
    600ml Doggy Drink Mug
  • Wooden Christmas Ornaments-20
    Wooden Christmas Ornaments
  • Branded Power Bank
    Dynamo 5000mAh Power Bank
  • Eco-Friendly Button Badges-20
    Eco-Friendly Button Badges
  • Doggy Drink Bottle-20
    Doggy Drink Bottle
  • Sprout Pencil-20
    Sprout Pencil
  • Custom Jigsaw Puzzles-20
    Custom Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Breeze Cooling Fan-20
    Breeze Cooling Fan
  • Custom Printed Aluminium Sign-20
    Custom Printed Aluminium Sign
  • Pop Ice Block Mould-20
    Pop Ice Block Mould
  • Promotional Woven Socks-20
    Promotional Woven Socks
  • Cylon Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Cylon Bluetooth Speaker
  • Stretch Zip Table Cloth-20
    Stretch Zip Table Cloth
  • USB Web Key-20
    USB Web Key
  • Promo Pop Out Pet Bowl-20
    Promo Pop Out Pet Bowl
  • Premium Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Premium Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • Hover Wireless Charger/Mouse Pad-20
    Hover Wireless Charger/Mouse Pad
  • Promotional LED Message Fans-20
    Promotional LED Message Fans
  • Drift Neoprene Wristband Keyring-20
    Drift Neoprene Wristband Keyring
  • Business Card Power Bank-20
    Business Card Power Bank
  • PVC Power Banks-20
    PVC Power Banks
  • Fisheye Phone Lens Kit-20
    Fisheye Phone Lens Kit
  • Polygon Wireless Charging Pad-20
    Polygon Wireless Charging Pad
  • Trolley Shopper Bags-20
    Trolley Shopper Bags
  • Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Illuminating Cable-20
    Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Illuminating Cable
  • Light Up Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Light Up Bluetooth Speaker
  • Metal Magnetic Wireless Earphone-20
    Metal Magnetic Wireless Earphone
  • Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Regular Cable-20
    Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Regular Cable
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Suction Cup-20
    Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Suction Cup
  • Pro Pace Earphones-20
    Pro Pace Earphones
  • Dental Floss Dispenser With Mirror-20
    Dental Floss Dispenser With Mirror
  • Round Glow 3 in 1 Illuminating Cable-20
    Round Glow 3 in 1 Illuminating Cable
  • Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set-20
    Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set
  • Halo Phone Grip & Stand-20
    Halo Phone Grip & Stand
  • Type C Charger Cable-20
    Type C Charger Cable
  • Dyno 6 Piece Screwdriver Set-20
    Dyno 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
  • Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger-20
    Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger
  • Maximus Wireless Charger/Power Bank-20
    Maximus Wireless Charger/Power Bank
  • Magnetic Keyring Charger-20
    Magnetic Keyring Charger
  • Bespoke PVC Wireless Charger-20
    Bespoke PVC Wireless Charger
  • Satellite Upright Wireless Charger-20
    Satellite Upright Wireless Charger
  • Pocket Ashtray-20
    Pocket Ashtray
  • Supporter Ribbon-20
    Supporter Ribbon
  • Printed Dog Bag Dispenser-20
    Printed Dog Bag Dispenser
  • Inflatable Event Archways-20
    Inflatable Event Archways
  • Flexi Calculator-20
    Flexi Calculator
  • Promotional Rugby Balls-20
    Promotional Rugby Balls
  • Custom Printed Soccer Balls-20
    Custom Printed Soccer Balls
  • Promotional Wavey Fan-20
    Promotional Wavey Fan
  • Custom Hand Clappers-20
    Custom Hand Clappers
  • Deluxe Mobile Phone Holder-20
    Deluxe Mobile Phone Holder
  • 9 Slot Rubik's Cubes-20
    9 Slot Rubik's Cubes
  • 4 Slot Rubik's Cubes-20
    4 Slot Rubik's Cubes
  • Custom Number Plate Covers-20
    Custom Number Plate Covers
  • Folding Cardboard Binoculars-20
    Folding Cardboard Binoculars
  • Sticky Note Pad Block-20
    Sticky Note Pad Block
  • Promotional Mista Fan-20
    Promotional Mista Fan
  • Phone Cleaning Pouch-20
    Phone Cleaning Pouch
  • Custom Promo Speaker Cylinder-20
    Custom Promo Speaker Cylinder
  • Self Powered Torch-20
    Self Powered Torch
  • Bespoke PVC USB Drives-20
    Bespoke PVC USB Drives
  • PVC Flexi Flashlight-20
    PVC Flexi Flashlight
  • Full Colour Foldy Tote Bag-20
    Full Colour Foldy Tote Bag
  • USB LED Book Lights-20
    USB LED Book Lights
  • Promo Orbit Speaker-20
    Promo Orbit Speaker
  • Inflatable Sports Entrances-20
    Inflatable Sports Entrances
  • Mini USB Fan-20
    Mini USB Fan
  • Solid Glass Trophies-20
    Solid Glass Trophies
  • Premium 3d Cube Trophy-20
    Premium 3d Cube Trophy
  • Branded Letter Opener-20
    Branded Letter Opener
  • The Binx Mason Jar Cup-20
    The Binx Mason Jar Cup
  • Action Camera 4K Ultra HD-20
    Action Camera 4K Ultra HD
  • Aluminium Patio Umbrellas-20
    Aluminium Patio Umbrellas
  • Dynamic A5 Journal-20
    Dynamic A5 Journal
  • The Power Bank Purse-20
    The Power Bank Purse
  • The Tactic Lead-20
    The Tactic Lead
  • Inflatable Donut-20
    Inflatable Donut
  • Promotional Dye Sub Socks-20
    Promotional Dye Sub Socks
  • Inflatable Slimline Arch Tent-20
    Inflatable Slimline Arch Tent
  • Full Colour Fidget Spinners-20
    Full Colour Fidget Spinners
  • The Budget Fidget Spinner-20
    The Budget Fidget Spinner
  • Soft Enamel Filled Medals-20
    Soft Enamel Filled Medals
  • Full Colour Printed Gym Towels-20
    Full Colour Printed Gym Towels
  • Microfibre Handy Cloth-20
    Microfibre Handy Cloth
  • Full Colour Printed Beach Towels-20
    Full Colour Printed Beach Towels
  • Pop Phone Gripper-20
    Pop Phone Gripper
  • Promotional Diamond Kite-20
    Promotional Diamond Kite
  • Inflatable Noise Maker Tap Taps-20
    Inflatable Noise Maker Tap Taps
  • Promotional Back Pack Cover-20
    Promotional Back Pack Cover
  • New! Light Up Pens-20
    New! Light Up Pens
  • LED Stylus Pen-20
    LED Stylus Pen
  • Wireless Wood Charging Pad-20
    Wireless Wood Charging Pad
  • Hacky Sacks-20
    Hacky Sacks
  • Custom Printed Ties-20
    Custom Printed Ties
  • The Big Boy Bottle-20
    The Big Boy Bottle
  • Stretch Pop Up Banner-20
    Stretch Pop Up Banner
  • Dye Sublimated Aprons-20
    Dye Sublimated Aprons
  • 3m Stretch Wave Wall-20
    3m Stretch Wave Wall
  • Neoprene Custom Camera Straps-20
    Neoprene Custom Camera Straps
  • Microfibre Webcam Blocker-20
    Microfibre Webcam Blocker
  • Mini Keyboard Duster-20
    Mini Keyboard Duster
  • Promotional LED Desk Fan-20
    Promotional LED Desk Fan
  • Promo Pop Up Lantern-20
    Promo Pop Up Lantern
  • Promo Grass Coaster-20
    Promo Grass Coaster
  • Anti Loss Key Finder-20
    Anti Loss Key Finder
  • Webcam Cover-20
    Webcam Cover
  • Fidget Spinner Pen-20
    Fidget Spinner Pen
  • Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener-20
    Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener
  • NAIDOC Fidget Spinner-20
    NAIDOC Fidget Spinner

Set Descending Direction

141 Item(s)

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Some of our more traditional giveaway ideas

Today’s businesses hand out promotional products for various reasons. Whether these items are used for everyday advertising or they’re distributed at conventions, trade shows, and other special events, promotional giveaways are an extremely effective way for companies to increase brand awareness. However, not all promo items are a good fit for every brand. For instance, custom pens are a great thing to have around the office, but they won’t help a company stand out in a sea of trade show exhibitors. If a company wants to bring in new customers and differentiate itself from its competitors, it needs promo items that are eye-catching, useful, creative, and memorable. In this guide, business owners will learn about some of the most popular giveaway ideas, and maybe they’ll get inspired for their next promotional opportunity or big event.

Custom Ball Caps

Thanks to sports teams from around the world, everyone’s used to seeing custom caps with imprinted logos. Because so many people like the sporty look these caps give, they may reach for a favorite cap before they leave to run errands on a sunny, hot day. When a business prints its logo on a stylish cap, they’re guaranteed to bring the company some additional attention from customers.

Custom Tote Bags

If business owners are looking for a giveaway idea that convention, concert, or trade show attendees are sure to use and appreciate, custom tote bags are a great idea. Visitors and customers will be grateful to have a way to carry and store their important items, but these bags are useful for more than one day. These practical giveaway ideas can be used outside of these events; they’re great for carrying grocery items, beach gear, and even overdue library books.

Imprinted Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs

With customers’ active lifestyles and busy schedules, it’s essential to remain adequately hydrated during the day. In some circles, staying caffeinated is just as important. Whether a customer needs a cool drink of water or a quick, energy-boosting sip of coffee, a travel mug or custom-printed water bottle is the ideal way to reduce thirst while increasing brand awareness.

Tech Gear

During a visit to a store or public event, most people check their smartphones more than once. In fact, some people may even be reading this article on a mobile device. As commonplace as these tech items are now, it’s hard to envision a world without them. That’s why printed flash drives, touchscreen stylus, power banks, and other tech accessories are such a popular way for companies to get their brands noticed.

Stress Balls

From getting stuck in traffic on the way to work to running out of gas on the highway, the average person’s day is full of stress. Most people love promo items that help them get rid of some of those feelings. Stress balls are a very popular choice, and it’s easy to create a real standout by choosing them in unique styles or shapes. No matter what type of promotional giveaways a company needs, the owner is sure to find a stress ball that’s great for their business.

Toys and Games

Kids are not the only people who like to play games. Adults like to have fun as well, but companies rarely think to give them custom toys to keep in the office or at home. Offer customers branded puzzles and other desktop toys, and they’re sure to remember the company every time they need a quick distraction from a long, boring work day. With custom-branded toys and games, any business can draw attention to itself.

Glow-In-The-Dark and Colour-Changing Items

Products that glow or change colour are compelling for the same reasons as the toys and games mentioned above. Adults don’t lose their fascination with colour-changing and glowing objects, which can provide endless amusement for some customers. Glow-in-the-dark and colour-changing items are eye-catching, memorable giveaway ideas. From stadium cups and mood pencils to glow bracelets and sunglasses, there are all kinds of products that glow in the dark or change colour.

Stuffed Toys & Plush Dolls

It can be quite fun to customise these teddy bears and other stuffed toy animals to reflect the company’s brand. These unique items can be created in the image of a corporate logo, team mascot, or even the CEO! When they’re designed with fun in mind, customers will enjoy these products as they sit on a car dashboard or office desk.


Trade show and convention attendees love getting freebies, but they won’t keep them for long if they see them as being useless. Keep the company’s brand out of the garbage can or junk drawer by giving away multi-functional tools. Products such as highlighter/pen combos, keychain flashlights, and others are popular because they have multiple uses. Multipurpose items are popular promotional giveaways because customers are more likely to find a use for them. While a plain keychain may not gather much attention, a key tag with a bottle opener will quickly become a hot item. When choosing promo items, focus on those that customers can use in multiple ways.

Branded T-Shirts

When people attend professional sporting events, almost everyone gets excited when the t-shirt cannons come out. Capitalise on that excitement by offering free t-shirts at a concert or trade show, and see how many people flock to the company’s exhibition booth. Cotton shirts are available in a wide range of colours, and their big, bold designs are sure to be remembered. Other apparel items, such as embroidered jackets, are popular as well. Though they tend to be costly, they usually last longer than other wearables.

Get Started Today

Promotional giveaway items are a great way to form new connections at conventions, trade shows, and other events. They’re also great for showing appreciation to valued customers and building awareness of new brands. If a company owner isn’t getting the results they want from their giveaways, or they’re looking for new giveaway ideas, they can use some of the suggestions on this list. With these creative promo items, any brand can become the one everyone is talking about.

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