Planning for an event can be difficult work. Once you've rented a location, planned entertainment, and coordinated with catering, you're probably pretty exhausted.

Problem is, there's one thing your event is missing: People.

It's easy to get so wrapped up in the small details of event promotion that you take your eye off the prize and forget to even promote your event to those you want to attend.

Don't make the same costly mistake twice. Here's a handy guide to event promotion that'll ensure that your next event is your biggest success yet.

Establish Goals and Measurements

We'll begin our look into even marketing from square one: A simple idea.
So you want to hold an event. That's great, but it isn't exactly a lot to go on. What are the desired results of hosting an event?

Do you want to generate buzz around your brand? Increase your sales instantly? Some combination of the two, perhaps?

You'll want to establish a clear set of goals for your event and work from there.

But don't forget to check your measurements after the event to gauge how successful your efforts were. If you're not paying attention to the numbers, you may be missing out on a ton of vital information that could help your brand.

Start Your Event Promotion Early

The sooner you begin your event marketing, the better. Typically its best to start publicizing the event over a month in advance.

That way you'll have plenty of time to make any adjustments without having an impact on your audience.

Time is especially important if anyone attending needs to coordinate travel details such as buying plane tickets or booking a hotel.

With that said, don't stress out if you have an event coming up and you haven't started advertising. It isn't ideal, to say the least, but you can take advantage of the time you still have.

Market on a Variety of Platforms

So now that we've established the 'How' and 'When' of event promotion, let's talk about 'Where'.

The simple answer is, well, everywhere.

The more avenues you use to promote your event the better your odds of boosting attendance.

Take full advantage of any social media platforms you use as well as email marketing tools. And don't forget to promote the event on your blog several times as the event draws closer.

Offer Goodies

Don't forget to entice attendees with all sorts of great swag like mugs or promotional bags. After all, it's hard to turn down something for free.

While free is good, you should make sure that you take advantage of branding opportunities. Whatever you give away should feature your company's name and logo at the very least.

Make Your Next Event a Hit

To wrap things up, you'll want to first establish some guidelines and goals for your event so you can measure accordingly. Next, make sure that you engage in event promotion as early and often as possible. Finally, don't forget to include some great free stuff.

With these tips in tow, your next event is sure to be a smash hit! We'd love to help make your next gathering even better.

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