7 Promotional Ideas for Music Lovers
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7 Promotional Ideas for Music Lovers

Promotional items provide many key benefits to businesses such as loyalty, effective marketing strategy, and increased sales.

In the music business, you need to do more than hand out pens and keychains to attract buzz.

You need promotional ideas for music lovers. Keep reading and learn about our top seven promotional items.


1. Shuffle MP3 Player

Want to make the ultimate impression with your promotional items? Try a shuffle mp3 player.

This promotional item is useful and of value, so you know the person will make great use of it.

It will provide music lovers with up to 14 hours of continuous music. They can enjoy this product on the go.


2. Bluetooth Speaker

Every music lover needs a speaker. What better promotional item than a Bluetooth speaker to avoid the hassle of having cables and cords get in the way.

These Bluetooth speakers work on a number of devices including iPads. They're also waterproof so they can enjoy music at a pool party or in the shower.


3. Guitar Pick

A guitar pick is a great promotional item for a music lover, especially when you cater it towards musicians.

If you think about it, a guitar player will practice at least a few hours every day. This means they will see your company's logo every time they grab the guitar pick.


4. Earbuds & Case

Music lovers hardly ever commute without their earbuds. If you want to give a promotional item a music lover won't be able to put down, try earbuds.

And to help them protect their earbuds, throw in a case. This case allows for two people to listen to music with the help of a music splitter.


5. Powerbank with Speaker

Nothing is worse for a music lover than running out of battery mid-commute. Why not hand out powerbanks as promotional items.

This powerbank is 4000mAh and features a 5v speaker attached to it.

The powerbank is powerful enough to charge mobile devices, mp3 players, tablets, and more.


6. Music Cube

Want your promotional products to stand out to music lovers? Then you must give away a music cube.

The music cube features an aux cord slot, micro SD slot, USB slot, and USB connectivity. The cube also gives you the option to listen to FM radio and comes with an LCD screen.

This is a unique item that will be a hit with music lovers.


7. Outdoor Wireless Speaker

What music lover doesn't like to throw fun outdoor parties during the summer?

Then why not have an outdoor wireless speaker as part of your promotional items giveaways.

This wireless speaker can play music non-stop for 3 to 10 hours. You can connect it to mobile devices and iPods.


Try These Promotional Ideas for Music Lovers

Promotional items can generate buzz and create customer loyalty for your business.

We hope these promotional ideas for music lovers gave you an idea of what you need.

If you want more promotional item ideas, check out our selection of products.

2 July 2018