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We specialise in a range of promotional gadget items and tech related gifts. Mp3 Players and media players are just one of the great gift items you can give staff during the holiday season to say thanks for a great year or send them to clients as part of a bonus pack or gift basket. You could also offer a free mp3 or mp4 player with every purchase over a certain value. There is many ways to promote your company info using our products, for more ideas browse below or contact us for a fast written quote & free virtual sample! Read More
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Promotional Mp3 Players as a brand awareness gift

Marketing success is simple. All that’s required is the right mix of Promotional MP3 Players and other items. Products branded with the company’s logo and name are some of the most effective ways to get the corporate image out there. By handing out these promotional items, companies can exponentially increase their brand exposure. Below are more ways businesses can benefit from using promo items.

Reaching a Wider Market

When a company gives out promotional items, the message is seen by more people than just the gift’s recipient. Custom Logo MP3 Players can be seen by friends, family members, passersby, and anyone else who comes into contact with the owner.

Improving Response Rates

In direct mail programs, bulk is better. With lightweight, small Music Players, it’s easy to improve open rates. When more people read the message, more will respond.

Attain Longer-Term Brand Exposure

If the company’s promotional giveaway is useful to recipients—and an MP3 player is certainly useful—the user will see it every day. Every time a person uses the music player, they’ll think of the company that provided it.

Make Customers Feel Important

Receiving gifts makes people feel very special, and everyone loves freebies. Promotional items prove that businesses value and appreciate their customers. Giving away freebies can help a company attract attention to its products, especially in the trade show setting.

Make People Remember the Brand

Repetition is a great way to get people to remember something. When a company hands out promo items, it gives the audience repetitive exposure to the brand and helps them remember what the company is all about.

Grow the Business

If sales are stagnating, the marketing effort isn’t working. With custom products, a business in Australia can really mix things up.

Start the Conversation

There’s nothing as effective as a freebie to break the ice with a potential customer. When a customer receives a gift, the conversation gets started—and the recipient is more likely to listen and to make a purchase.

Offer a Morale Boost

Promo items are very effective at inspiring employees and fostering a favorable view of the company. These gifts are great motivators, as they encourage the team to sell more and work harder.

Get Widespread Ad Power

While it is necessary to tailor the marketing message to the audience, promotional products provide brand exposure beyond those boundaries. These items are very mobile and can reach audiences to which the company has not extended its marketing efforts previously.

Attract and Keep Customer

Well-chosen promotional gifts can bring in new customers and keep current buyers coming back. That promotional music player or mug can make the difference between a customer choosing a particular business over a competitor.

Make Customers Happy

Satisfied customers spend money, and they come back to buy again. Promotional items can smooth over a potentially sticky situation such as a late order, and they can be a great way to thank customers for their repeat business.

Increase Goodwill

Associating a corporate brand with a charitable event can have positive effects for the brand. Doing so highlights the company brand and increases positive community involvement.

Businesses of all sizes can reap tremendous rewards by using promotional items such as music players. Not only do these items increase customers' goodwill, they can improve their overall opinion of a company. When customers are happy they're more likely to come back for another purchase, and promotional items are a great way to turn a first-time customer into a source of repeat business.