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That's right, we make any lanyard to any specification. And we do it faster, cheaper and better than anyone else in Australia. If you are looking for a bespoke lanyard creation then browse our range below and see a very small portion of what can be created. When you're ready to order your own custom wholesale lanyards, reach out to us using our quick quote form (right) and our team will provide a fast written quote, and a virtual mock up of your chosen lanyard style for your perusal.

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  • Printed Polyester Lanyards-20
    Printed Polyester Lanyards
  • Printed Nylon Lanyards-20
    Printed Nylon Lanyards
  • Satin Applique Lanyards-20
    Satin Applique Lanyards
  • Dye Sublimation Lanyards-20
    Dye Sublimation Lanyards
  • LED Polyester Lanyard-20
    LED Polyester Lanyard
  • Heavy Woven Nylon Lanyards-20
    Heavy Woven Nylon Lanyards
  • Holographic Lanyards-20
    Holographic Lanyards
  • Metallic Woven Lanyards-20
    Metallic Woven Lanyards
  • NAIDOC 2019 Lanyards-20
    NAIDOC 2019 Lanyards
  • Executive Woven Cord Lanyards-20
    Executive Woven Cord Lanyards
  • Leather Microfibre Combo Lanyards-20
    Leather Microfibre Combo Lanyards
  • Printed Denim Lanyards-20
    Printed Denim Lanyards
  • PU Leather Lanyards-20
    PU Leather Lanyards
  • Foil Print Lanyards-20
    Foil Print Lanyards
  • Executive Woven Lanyards-20
    Executive Woven Lanyards
  • Carabiner Retractable Lanyards-20
    Carabiner Retractable Lanyards
  • Recycled PET Dye Sublimation-20
    Recycled PET Dye Sublimation
  • Retractable Lanyards-20
    Retractable Lanyards
  • Cara Strap Lanyards-20
    Cara Strap Lanyards
  • Custom Heavy Duty Camera Straps-20
    Custom Heavy Duty Camera Straps
  • Tubular Cork Lanyards-20
    Tubular Cork Lanyards
  • Aviator Lanyard-20
    Aviator Lanyard
  • Printed Cork Lanyards-20
    Printed Cork Lanyards
  • NAIDOC Lanyards-20
    NAIDOC Lanyards
  • Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Regular Cable-20
    Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Regular Cable
  • Woven Cord Lanyards-20
    Woven Cord Lanyards
  • PVC Lanyard Charging Cable-20
    PVC Lanyard Charging Cable
  • Tube Poly Lanyards-20
    Tube Poly Lanyards
  • Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Illuminating Cable-20
    Bespoke LED Lanyard w/ Illuminating Cable
  • 3-in-1 Charger Lanyard-20
    3-in-1 Charger Lanyard
  • Bamboo Fibre Lanyards-20
    Bamboo Fibre Lanyards
  • Printed Recycled PET-20
    Printed Recycled PET
  • Silicone Phone Lanyard-20
    Silicone Phone Lanyard
  • Frosted PVC Lanyards-20
    Frosted PVC Lanyards
  • Double Ended Lanyards-20
    Double Ended Lanyards
  • Neoprene Lanyards-20
    Neoprene Lanyards
  • PVC Wine Glass Holder-20
    PVC Wine Glass Holder
  • Detachable Wine Glass Strap-20
    Detachable Wine Glass Strap
  • Plant Silk Lanyards-20
    Plant Silk Lanyards
  • Milk Protein Fibre-20
    Milk Protein Fibre
  • Silicone Lanyards-20
    Silicone Lanyards
  • Standard Woven Lanyards-20
    Standard Woven Lanyards
  • Wrist Strap Lanyards-20
    Wrist Strap Lanyards
  • Neoprene Wine Glass Holders-20
    Neoprene Wine Glass Holders
  • Glow Printed Lanyards-20
    Glow Printed Lanyards
  • Custom Printed Shoelaces-20
    Custom Printed Shoelaces
  • Ball Pen Lanyards-20
    Ball Pen Lanyards
  • Wide Tubular Lanyards-20
    Wide Tubular Lanyards
  • Button Down Wine Glass Holder-20
    Button Down Wine Glass Holder
  • Duoflex PVC Lanyards-20
    Duoflex PVC Lanyards
  • Elastic Phone Lanyards-20
    Elastic Phone Lanyards
  • Phone Sock Lanyard-20
    Phone Sock Lanyard
  • USB Lanyards 2.0 Style-20
    USB Lanyards 2.0 Style
  • Dye Sub Satin Applique-20
    Dye Sub Satin Applique
  • Zipper Lanyards-20
    Zipper Lanyards
  • 5mm Woven Tube Lanyards-20
    5mm Woven Tube Lanyards
  • V-Sewn Lanyards-20
    V-Sewn Lanyards
  • 3 Layer Polyester Lanyards-20
    3 Layer Polyester Lanyards
  • Heavy Twill Lanyards-20
    Heavy Twill Lanyards
  • Washable Cord Lanyards-20
    Washable Cord Lanyards
  • 3d Printed Lanyards-20
    3d Printed Lanyards
  • Custom Camera Straps-20
    Custom Camera Straps
  • Bottle Holder Carabiner-20
    Bottle Holder Carabiner
  • Helmet & Hard Hat Lanyards-20
    Helmet & Hard Hat Lanyards
  • Lanyard Keytag-20
    Lanyard Keytag
  • USB Lanyards Premium Sewn-20
    USB Lanyards Premium Sewn
  • Neoprene Custom Camera Straps-20
    Neoprene Custom Camera Straps
  • Transfer Print Lanyards-20
    Transfer Print Lanyards

Set Descending Direction

68 Item(s)

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Custom printed lanyards, not just for identification needs

It used to be the case that people wore a plain, cheap looking lanyard to hang their ID cards from at events, conferences or where secure building access required. But this is no longer the case, lanyards now come in a massive range of branded and personalised options. There is highly affordable imprinted lanyard options which can be branded at wholesale prices and supplied in only 5 days on rush service. These are great if your budgets tight, and your deadline is fast approaching. Or if you have a little more time up your sleeve why not look at a satin applique design with your logo and company information branded onto a lush satin section over a premium polyester base layer. Theres so many options to choose from it can be mind boggling!

Never fear we are here to steer you in the right direction

Our team are on standby, on our live chat system or via our quick contact form you can reach out to us at any time and we will provide you with prices, product information, and our design team can even draft you a free visual of what your lanyards are going to look like when finish. Not many companies can provide this service, but at Dynamic we employ a full team of product designers that are on standby to show you the options available.

Ready to enquire? or still browsing! Take your time and look around

Be sure to check as many of our custom lanyard styles as possible, even though they might not appear to at first, the options varie greatly in material feel, fittings available, printing styles and finishes. And it's free to browse our range, take as long as you like and when you decide on a style just shoot an email over to our team either using our contact form to the right or direct via email at Alternatively you can call us and have a chat about your requirements on 02 6555 4001.

Lost? here's 5 handy links to get you on the right track

Imprinted polyester lanyards - Our most economical printed lanyard option.

Premium, in stock lanyards - Plain lanyards available in 10+ colours. Overnight delivery.

ID card holders - Soft and rigid solutions available, with some items purchasable online.

Printed plastic ID cards - Custom printed membership and VIP passes designed to order.