Corporate swag bags are popular gifts at any conference - people love free stuff! It's also a fantastic way to get your name into the hands of your guests. But, keeping your items from ending up in the garbage is the tricky part.

But how do you know what items your guests will like? Are there ways to make your swag stand out from the masses?

Giving your guests swag that they will appreciate is easy when you give it some extra thought. Let's look at 7 great items to add to your swag bag that will thrill guests at any event.

Portable Smartphone Chargers

Smartphones are a lifeline to busy professionals. Especially when they are away at a conference. By giving them a portable smartphone charger, you'll be saving them from a lot of hassle. Plus, they'll remember you for such a practical and forward-thinking gift.

Snack Items

One corporate swag item that is always a favorite is food. Who doesn't love a good snack?

Hand out non-perishable snacks your guests will enjoy. Conferences can always be such busy events. Your guests will appreciate having a snack on hand when those hunger pains strike in the middle of a session.

Seasonal Items

Most people give out generic swag items that are popular all year round. Make yourself stand out by including seasonal items in the bag. If your event is in the summer, give out branded sunglasses or flip-flops. In the winter, you can have branded knit hats or hand-warmers. It's sure to add a unique and fun flair to any swag bag.

Reusable Water Bottles

Water bottles are great items to add to any swag bag. They are cheap and it's an item that people will actually use.

Giving out reusable water bottles will encourage your guests to stay hydrated. It is also a popular conference item to promote going green.

Promotional T-Shirt

Everybody loves a free t-shirt. But, the trick is to get your guests to want to wear the shirt long after the conference is over. A well-designed t-shirt will do just that.

Do away with the boring shirts that simply display your company name or logo. Think of something creative that goes along with the theme of your event. A funny saying or eye-catching is sure to make your t-shirt a favorite swag item.

Coffee Mug

Coffee is the lifeblood of any business. So why not design a great coffee mug to add to your swag bag?

As with the t-shirts, think outside the box when it comes to your coffee mug design. Make something that no one will want to hide in the back of the breakroom cupboard.


It may be surprising in this digital age, but people still love notebooks. While some things are still easily captured on a smartphone, taking notes by pen and paper will never go out of style.

Giving a notebook to your guests not only lets them take notes at your event but then carry your company name back to the office with them.

Having Great Corporate Swag Will Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Guests

Having great corporate swag at your next event will leave a good impression on event goers. It will also be sure to get your company name out there long after the event is over.

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