According to Content Marketing Institute, in-person events, such as trade shows, are the most effective B2B tactic.

If you're looking to network and grow your business, it seems the element of real, human interaction can play an important role.

But, you won't get much interaction if your trade show booth display doesn't have some key characteristics.

Check out these ways you can make a killer display.

Your Booth Display Needs to Stand Out

If your display doesn't catch the eye, you're doing something wrong.

According to Brain Rules, if there is a picture involved with a piece of information you're 55% more likely to remember it three days later.

You can literally follow this advice by spicing up your display with great graphics (pictures and/or video), but the gist of this message is that people like to be visually stimulated.

For example, if your company is involved with golf then it could make a lot of sense to have a lot of green colors involved and, if possible, a putting green.

This would be a lot more memorable than a simple banner with the message, "Golf Supplies!"

Your Message Needs to Be Clear

Speaking of messages, it's important that yours is very obvious and very clear.

People need to immediately know what it is your company does or they will lose interest.

For some companies, this is easy. Your Sonys, Samsungs, Googles, and Apples don't need an introduction because their name tells it all.

If you're at that level--that's great! If not, make the message clear with your booth display.

If you do photography then have plenty of photos around. If you run a catering business then have some food-themed elements, maybe even some samples.

Have the Best Swag

Everyone likes free things. Especially if they're cool or useful. And, they can be great marketing tools.

The marketing effect of giving items away is two-fold. First, they will draw people to your booth where will be able to converse with them. Second, other people at the event can see your branded items and be more interested in heading to your booth.

The point of having a booth is to get people to go to it, right?