4 Small Business Events That You Need a Custom Tent For
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4 Small Business Events That You Need a Custom Tent For

Small business owners have to consider event marketing ideas as part of their advertising strategy. PR ideas for small businesses almost always include small events as well as larger trade shows and expos.

One of the best ways to attract new business is through event marketing. For any of these small business events, custom tents catch people's attention.


Outdoor Events

Any event that takes place outdoors requires a tent for practical reasons. As the weather grows warmer, a tent protects you and your staff from the sun. It also provides welcoming shade for your visitors.

If you have a custom, branded tent, then people can distinguish your booth from a distance. Screen-printing technology means you can design a tent with your company's colors, logo, and slogan.

A custom tent stands out from the competition. It creates a lasting impression on your potential customers.


Trade Shows

Trade show booths represent the product as well as the company's personality and brand. Trade show displays showcase your business item and fill the booth.

Trade show canopy tents accommodate these displays. The tents complement the display or exhibit. They also shield your materials from wind and rain, which is always threat during outdoor trade shows.


Community Events

If you hope to attract a local customer base, there's no better event than a local festival or another community-based event.

Community gatherings enable you to connect potential customers in your own city. Here again, a tent that displays your brand is crucial.

Community events attract local businesses of all types. You want your booth to stand out, but you'll want people to be able to identify the type of product or service you offer.

They won't stop in if they don't see an interest. A custom tent can carry any message you wish along with your company logo.


Create Your Own Small Events

You can always come up with your own event marketing ideas. Promotional ideas for events may include product demonstrations or customer how-to event. Both of these are great PR ideas for small businesses.


Product Demonstration or Open House

You can invite the public to see what your company is all about. Let folks get to know you and your brand history.

You can always give product demonstrations. Potential customers can see for themselves what you do and how your products work.

Depending on your product, you may need more space than your storefront has. An outdoor event may be the best way to show people what your products can do for them.


Learning Events

If your product comes with instructions, a how-to workshop event gives your customer some hands-on experience with your product.

If they receive personalized instruction, they will be more likely to purchase, use, and recommend the product to others.



A custom tent is essential here, especially if you have a larger turnout than your storefront can hold. You can hold these small events right in your own parking lot.

Most likely, you have been tossing around business event ideas of your own. Whatever it is, a custom tent will no doubt be worth the investment.


What Small Business Events Are Coming Up?

Whether it's a trade show, networking, or community event, there will be small business events in your future. Are you ready?

If you have any questions about custom tents or other promotional items, please contact us.


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28 May 2018