7 Function Pocket Knife

7 Function Pocket Knife
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Good quality multi function pocket knife.

Product Details


Anodised Silver, Anodised Green, Anodised Blue


25mm W x 85mm L x 17mm.

Branding Options

Pad Print: 38mm x 12.5mm or 60mm x 7mm
Laser Engraving: 38mm x 12.5mm or 60mm x 7mm


Gift box

History of Folding Pocket Knives

10 Mind boggling historic facts you did know about this creation!

It is  a lesser known fact that, "Pocket knives", as a utility tool have been around for numerous generations. Pocket knives have been used in weaponry, cutlery, cutting as well as a common tool accessory for men alike. The popularity has led to the enormous success of the most popular brands in circulation today.

  • The origin of the oldest of the functional pocket knife has been traced to a remote village of Hallstatt, Austria.
  • Though unsure of its original creator, researchers believe the pocket knife dates all the way back to the early Bronze Ages, approximately 500-600 BC.
  • These folding pocket knives were actually used as weapons carried by Iberian soldiers in times of war.
  • Romans used pocket knives as a secondary war tool as they are easily carried and concealed and hence made a valuable third weapon in moments of fighting suspense.
  • Pocket knives were routinely crafted with elaborate designs depicting scenes of victorious gladiators and gruesome combat on the handles.
  • The average pocket knife had an iron blade of approximately 3 inches in length that could be closed without a spring.
  • The first slip joint pocket knives came to be in the early 17th century.
  • Evolution Into Modern Pocket Knife saw a spring mechanism that held the blade and kept it extended.
  • Sheffield, England  is home to some of the world’s most renowned pocket knife producers.
  • Ruthless thieves from the Iberian, Peninsula and these thieves known as Bandetos began using the newly manufactured slip joint knives in the early 1800’s.

Pocket knives have a long standing history that spans thousands of years. It has been used in times of war, but this lcompact and efficient device has certainly become popular with individuals. Also as a great gifting option, choose a full customised blade handle with carvings and branding. Use it as a promotional item for your company, branding and printing the logo on it, to draw a better hold from prospective clients. As time passes, the popularity of the pocket knife is ever increasing.The growth of the pocket knife has led to having multiple advance functions like the famous Swiss Army Knife, built in with 7 functions, featuring knives, corkscrew, pair of scissors and bottle openers that get you through daily tasks. These pocket knives are now made from stainless steel with a carbon fiber look inside, designed for a better grip so it is easy to handle as well as carry, making it a favourite among multi utility tools available in the market.

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