Tyvek Wristbands, Custom Printed At Australia's Lowest Prices

If you are looking for ways to segment personnel, guests or visitors while simultaneously increasing your brand’s exposure at an upcoming event, then order your tyvek crowd control wristbands from Dynamic Gift. Our wristbands come in a range of colours and sizes, and they’re durable enough to last for days while being designed as a single event use item. Tyvek wristbands are a simple and cost-effective way to control access levels at events and with our range of printing and branding methods your branding will receive ample exposure. Enquire now for our best wholesale prices and a 100% free artwork proof.


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    Set Descending Direction

    We understand that you have options when it comes to sourcing cheap promotional gifts for use at your next event or seminar. While many companies turn to overseas manufacturers to keep prices low, we’ve taken a different path. By cutting out the middle man and handling as much of the production in-house as possible, we’ve managed to generate substantial savings that we can pass along to our corporate clients.

    This allows us to deliver more than marketing tools at a competitive price point—we’re also working to support the local economy. By working in-country as much possible, we’re able to deliver a vast array of Australian-made wristbands that are printed with your company logo and shipped in bulk direct to your door.

    Making Events More Memorable

    There are several reasons to consider ordering Tyvek wristbands for your next party or event. You can even use them to identify guests who have already bought a ticket. Your guests won’t have to worry about losing their ticket once they’ve already paid the price of admission. Beyond that, you can even colour-code these bracelets to quickly identify those guests that are, say, above the legal drinking age or permitted into a back-stage VIP area.

    Helping Guests Feel Welcome

    A wristband can also be used to make guests feel more welcome—especially at smaller-scale events. Suppose your company is hosting a seminar and is planning to invite a few third-party clients. Ordering personalised bracelets complete with the wearer’s company name (and potentially their own name, as well) conveys a subtle message. It tells them that you’ve been expecting them—and you’re glad that they’re here to share in this event with you.

    Simple but Durable

    While you can easily enough cut one off with a pair of scissors, these bracelets are too strong to tear with your bear hands. This ensures that each wristband will easily last for the duration of the event or seminar, but that’s only the beginning. By ordering a branded bracelet from Dynamic Gift that displays your company logo and slogan, you’re also taking out an insurance policy against wear and tear.

    You see, once this product is on a person’s wrist, it’s not coming off until they intentionally remove it. For the next few hours—or even days, depending on the length of the programme—they’re going to be reminded of your business every time they glance down at their wrist. If your event was well-planned and everyone had a great time, then they may even end up keeping that bracelet as a memento. Our affordable wholesale prices make this one of the most cost-effective marketing tools money can buy.