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If you're after a premium looking power bank, look no further than our custom metal power banks. Choose from a range of premium metal finishes across a range of different colours and styles. From slim, flat power banks to cylinder power banks, we've got what you're looking for.


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    Of all categories in the promo products industry, tech accessories have seen the most growth in the past several years. The trend is expected to continue as people become ever more connected through their mobile devices, and portable power will become more desirable. With custom branded power banks, users will gain the ability to charge their devices no matter where they are. Read further to find out more about Dynamic Gift's custom engraved power bank options.

    What's So Great About Power Banks?

    We've already said it, but it bears repeating: tech is very hot right now. If your Brisbane company is looking for a customised gift or giveaway item that people will keep around, tablet and phone accessories are a great choice. A custom branded metal power bank will help you build your brand while giving your customers the chance to charge their mobile devices on the go. Engraved power banks are available in various sizes, and they're guaranteed to be compatible with the most popular devices. If your audience is full of those who work long hours, are often on the road, or always busy, a metal power bank is the perfect giveaway item. They're also great to have around for last-minute trips and emergencies.

    Choosing the Right Metal Power Bank

    Once you've decided that customised power banks are a good fit for your promotional efforts, the next thing is to choose a model. Power banks are available in a range of sizes and shapes, but the two most vital factors to think of are capacity and price. How much can you afford to spend per bank, and how much capacity will meet your audience's needs? At Dynamic Gift, our power bank specialists will help you choose a size, shape, and power capacity that meet your needs, your customers' tastes, and your budget.

    Building Brand Equity

    A custom branded power bank won't just give your Sydney customers the extra power they need, when they need it; it will also keep your brand on their minds with each use. The marketplace is very crowded these days, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for brands to differentiate themselves from one another. Your choice of logo, theme, brand name, and design can enhance your brand's identity and increase customers' loyalty. When customers are loyal to your company, your products become a brand.


    When comparing the cost of custom branded engraved power banks to other promo items such as tea mugs, pens, and notebooks, it's easy to realise which choice will last the longest. Whilst a mug may break, and a pen may run out of ink, an engraved metal power bank will last for years. With portable power banks, you'll get a great return on your investment.


    We can add your company logo to our engraved and custom branded power banks to give your brand more exposure amongst staff, customers, and trade show attendees. Our customised power banks are more than just a marketing tool; it's a great conversation starter for Melbourne customers and a valuable tool for team members all over Australia. Call us at Dynamic Gift to get started.