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Whether you’re preparing for your first trade show or boast ample experience in the field, standing out from the crowd is your hardest challenge. After all, first impressions count for everything and you’ll have lots of competition at any good event. Ensuring that your stand or pitch grabs the attention of potential customers passing by is essential; inflatable tents and domes are just another brilliant way of standing out from your surroundings, they can be custom made to order with your logo or emblem printing on the material surface or moulded and designed to any shape you desire. Contact us for a no obligation quote and a 100% free virtual proof prior to production. Read More

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Here at Dynamic Gift, we can design and deliver a range of quality products to ensure that your next trade show is the best one yet.

Bringing Your Brand To Life When It Matters Most

When the trade show arrives, you need to know that your pitch will create the right impression. Dynamic Gift stocks an extensive range of fully customisable inflatables that can grab the consumer’s attention while spreading your message in a powerful manner.

Our full range of inflatable tents and domes includes but is not limited to:

  • Inflatable pillars and LED pillars.
  • Inflatable V tents.
  • Evolution tents.
  • LED tents.
  • Inflatable dome tent marquees.
  • Inflatable super domes.
  • Inflatable jumbo tents.

We even offer custom inflatable structures that can be made to look like anything you like, including an inflatable pub or an inflatable representation of your store or products. The possibilities are truly endless while our manufacturing and printing techniques ensure that you’ll get the very best results time and time again.

Inflatables That Work With Other Marketing Materials

Whether it’s an inflatable marquee, tent, or dome, we appreciate the inflatable structure is merely one part of your trade show pitch. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure that products can accommodate other features that may be required ranging from tables and POS terminals to stock and posters.

All of our inflatables are quality tested for safety and performance. When supported with those winning appearances, there’s no question that your brand will create the biggest impression of all. Getting people to visit your stool is the hard part. Converting sales is all down to you.

Versatile Inflatables That Can Be Used Again And Again

When choosing Dynamic Gift as your provider of inflatable tents, you can be sure that you’re getting a product that is designed to last. This means you can use the structure at various trade shows as you tour the city or country.

Furthermore, the inflatable structures are great for promotional days and special events held on your own premises. In the rare occasion that a hole does occur, repairing the damage is far easier than you may first fear. Crucially, once fixed, the structure will be back to gaining the same winning reactions as they did before.

As far as designs are concerned the only limitation is your own imagination. If your business truly wants to be trade show ready, this is the ultimate investment.

Order Your Trade Show Inflatables Today

Whether you have a clear idea of what’s required or need an agent to discuss your requirements and opportunities, Dynamic Gift is here to help. To find out more, give us a call on 02 6555 4001.