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Why settle for standard embroidered polo shirts or single colour screen printed shirts when you can go crazy on colours and vibrant graphics with our dye sublimated polo shirts and uniforms. Our range of sporting jerseys, polo shirts, fishing shirts and other apparel is available completely custom made. Every panel is printed and assembled to create the perfect uniform for your team, staff, volunteers or event attendees. They make fantastic souvenirs and can be sold to raise funds for charity, non profit organisations and sporting teams. Enquire now for a 100% FREE design mock up and a no obligation quote.


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    Dye Sublimation Team Uniforms and Apparel

    Dye sublimation is akin to tattooing. Instead of a sharp needle, this process uses heat and paper to embed ink into fabric, bit by bit. Unlike traditional branding methods that attach logos to the fabric's surface, dye sublimation (also known as dye sub) dyes the fabric itself. For successful dye sublimation, the fabric must be light or white in colour and composed of 100% polyester. However, this isn't always feasible with uniforms.

    Our company specialises in promoting clients' brand messages through custom work uniforms. With dye sub, we create unique and specific designs to meet this goal. Although it doesn't always form the basis of a uniform, when done properly, it serves as the foundation for your branding. Contact us today to learn more about dye sublimation and how it can enhance your uniforms.

    How Dye Sublimation is Created

    In the dye sublimation process, special inks print customers’ logos and art onto specialised paper. The paper is then positioned on the fabric, and heat is applied at approximately 200 degrees Celsius for one minute. This heat converts the dye to gas, which is absorbed by the fabric fibres. As the fabric cools, the fibres close, locking the dye inside.

    What Can be Dye Sublimated?

    Most 100% polyester fabrics and objects with a polyester coating can be dye subbed. These materials must be white or very light in colour. While it can be tricky for some items, we can dye sub most work and sports uniforms. Call us to discuss your requirements.

    Polyester/cotton blend fabrics can also be dye subbed, but the dye will wash out of the cotton fibres, leaving a faded image in the polyester portion. This look works well for some applications, and we recommend it to certain customers.

    The Limits of Dye Sublimation

    The main limitation of dye sub is that it requires 100% polyester fabric or coating to set properly. Work uniforms are typically manufactured for use with the dye sub process. Precise colour reproduction can be challenging, especially in large swathes of solid colour. Issues such as dye migration and bleeding may occur when applying a small dye sublimated print onto a previously dye subbed garment.

    Why You Should Consider Dye Sublimation

    Dye sublimation makes artwork variations, colours, and gradients easy to achieve. As your company's or team's logo or artwork is printed, there are no separate colour setups like those used in embroidery or screen printing.

    When creating garments from scratch, fabric panels are dye sublimated before being sewn together, allowing full control over the design. The art is embedded into the fabric, not just sitting on top, and individual items such as workers’ names can be modified within a single production run.

    Easy Customisation

    We offer some of Australia’s best customisation capabilities. With our own factories and apparel builders, award-winning designers, and fast lead times, we are the best in the business. Whether you're dominating your sport or your workplace, we’ll help you dominate the competition.

    The Best Pricing

    By selling directly to customers, we cut costs associated with third-party vendors. We believe you should be able to run your business or sporting team without exceeding your budget. Contact us to find out how we can help you save on your next uniform order.

    Unmatched Selection and Quality

    Our in-house development team constantly improves product quality. Our commitment to quality, combined with our unrivalled selection of colours, styles, and customisation options, ensures you won’t find a better selection in Australia. Focus on performance, and we will handle the rest.

    Contact Us Today

    Our dye sublimation process is ideal for sporting uniforms, fishing club shirts, golf shirts, and motocross uniforms. With low minimum order requirements, top-class customer service, and unparalleled production capabilities, you won’t find a higher-quality option elsewhere. Call today or visit us online to get started.

    What is dye sublimation? Dye sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto fabrics, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting designs.

    How does dye sublimation differ from traditional printing methods? Unlike traditional methods that apply designs on top of the fabric, dye sublimation embeds the dye into the fabric fibres, ensuring the design won't peel or fade.

    What types of fabrics can be used for dye sublimation? Dye sublimation works best on 100% polyester fabrics or fabrics with a polyester coating. The fabric must be white or very light in colour.

    Can dye sublimation be used on cotton fabrics? Dye sublimation can be used on polyester/cotton blends, but the dye will wash out of the cotton fibres, leaving a faded image.

    What types of products can be dye sublimated? We can dye sublimate a wide range of products, including work uniforms, sports uniforms, fishing club shirts, golf shirts, and motocross uniforms.

    How durable are dye sublimated designs? Dye sublimated designs are highly durable as the dye is embedded into the fabric, ensuring it won't peel, crack, or fade over time.

    What are the benefits of dye sublimation for team uniforms? Dye sublimation allows for full customisation with vibrant colours, intricate designs, and the ability to include individual names or numbers within a single production run.

    Can I customise individual items within a bulk order? Yes, dye sublimation allows for easy customisation of individual items, such as adding players’ names within a single production run.

    What is the minimum order requirement for dye sublimated uniforms? We have low minimum order requirements, making it easy to get started with dye sublimated uniforms for your team or business.

    How long does the dye sublimation process take? The dye sublimation process is quick, with the actual dyeing taking about one minute per item. Overall production time will depend on the order size and design complexity.

    Can I see a sample of my design before full production? Yes, we can provide a sample of your design on the chosen fabric to ensure you are satisfied before proceeding with full production.

    Are there any limitations to dye sublimation? The primary limitation is that the fabric must be 100% polyester or have a polyester coating and be white or light in colour. Additionally, precise colour reproduction can be challenging for large areas of solid colour.

    What is the cost of dye sublimated uniforms? We offer competitive pricing by selling directly to customers, avoiding third-party vendor costs. Contact us for a customised quote based on your specific needs.

    How can I place an order for dye sublimated uniforms? You can place an order by contacting us via phone or visiting our website to get started.

    What customisation options are available for dye sublimated uniforms? We offer a wide range of customisation options, including colours, styles, and the ability to add logos, names, and numbers.

    Do you provide design services for dye sublimated uniforms? Yes, our award-winning designers can help create the perfect design for your uniforms, ensuring it meets your brand requirements.

    What is the turnaround time for dye sublimated uniforms? Turnaround time varies based on order size and complexity, but our fast lead times ensure you receive your order promptly.

    How do I care for dye sublimated uniforms? Dye sublimated uniforms are easy to care for; simply follow the washing instructions provided with your order to maintain their vibrant appearance.

    Can I reorder the same design in the future? Yes, we keep your design on file for easy reordering. Just contact us with your previous order details, and we can produce more uniforms with the same design.

    What makes your dye sublimated uniforms the best in Australia? Our commitment to quality, unrivalled selection, and customisation capabilities, combined with our in-house production and award-winning design team, make us the best choice for dye sublimated uniforms in Australia.