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Christmas comes but once a year and while you don’t need an excuse to give your staff a thank you gift, Christmas is the time to do it when you do want to. With our premium range of staff christmas gifts, you’re going to be able to splash out a little cash on your staff and show them that you know them well. Read More
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  • Wooden Christmas Ornaments-20
    Wooden Christmas Ornaments
  • The Pro Genuine Leather Bag-20
    The Pro Genuine Leather Bag
  • Full Colour Phone Fast Charging Pad-20
    Full Colour Phone Fast Charging Pad
  • 700ml Mirage Metal Drink Bottle-20
    700ml Mirage Metal Drink Bottle
  • Mirage Luxe Vacuum Bottle-20
    Mirage Luxe Vacuum Bottle
  • Mirage Translucent Bottle-20
    Mirage Translucent Bottle
  • Everest Thermal Mug-20
    Everest Thermal Mug
  • Playing Card Bottle Opener-20
    Playing Card Bottle Opener
  • Ecco Kuppa Universal 350ml-20
    Ecco Kuppa Universal 350ml
  • Orbit Wireless Charger-20
    Orbit Wireless Charger
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle-20
    Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle
  • Venture A5 Notebook-20
    Venture A5 Notebook
  • Bespoke Bottle Openers-20
    Bespoke Bottle Openers
  • Steel Thermos Flask-20
    Steel Thermos Flask
  • Stubby Cooler w/ Bottle Opener-20
    Stubby Cooler w/ Bottle Opener
  • Casablanca Double Rocks Old Glass Tumbler-20
    Casablanca Double Rocks Old Glass Tumbler
  • Printed Sticky Notepads-20
    Printed Sticky Notepads
  • Titleist Golf Balls-20
    Titleist Golf Balls
  • Golf Tool-20
    Golf Tool
  • Aspen Thermal Mug-20
    Aspen Thermal Mug
  • The Value Stainless Mug-20
    The Value Stainless Mug
  • 800mL Promotional Sports Bottle-20
    800mL Promotional Sports Bottle
  • Handy Squeezer-20
    Handy Squeezer
  • Collapsible Strainer-20
    Collapsible Strainer
  • Cosmo Martini Glass-20
    Cosmo Martini Glass
  • Travel Watch-20
    Travel Watch
  • Complex Cut Trophies-20
    Complex Cut Trophies
  • Odyssey Pocket Notebook With Pen-20
    Odyssey Pocket Notebook With Pen
  • Zippered Bottle Cooler-20
    Zippered Bottle Cooler
  • Bespoke PVC Wireless Charger-20
    Bespoke PVC Wireless Charger
  • Atlas Goblet Wine Glass-20
    Atlas Goblet Wine Glass
  • Duchess Spiral Notebook-20
    Duchess Spiral Notebook
  • Promotional Golfers Towels-20
    Promotional Golfers Towels
  • Dual-Use Cushion-20
    Dual-Use Cushion
  • Travel Comfort Kit-20
    Travel Comfort Kit
  • Stainless Steel Combination Trophies-20
    Stainless Steel Combination Trophies
  • Callaway Golf Balls-20
    Callaway Golf Balls
  • The Supa Grippa Travel Mug-20
    The Supa Grippa Travel Mug
  • Columbia Thermal Mug-20
    Columbia Thermal Mug
  • 800mL Teamster Drink Bottle-20
    800mL Teamster Drink Bottle
  • Golf Divot Repairer With Marker-20
    Golf Divot Repairer With Marker
  • Magnetic Clip Golf Place Marker-20
    Magnetic Clip Golf Place Marker
  • Vina Stemless White Wine Glass-20
    Vina Stemless White Wine Glass
  • TR BBQ Pro Pack-20
    TR BBQ Pro Pack
  • Stained Crystal Trophies-20
    Stained Crystal Trophies
  • Argos A5 Notebook with Pen Holder in Spine-20
    Argos A5 Notebook with Pen Holder in Spine
  • Picnic Blanket-20
    Picnic Blanket
  • Panama Leisure Mat-20
    Panama Leisure Mat
  • Primetime Wine Flute-20
    Primetime Wine Flute
  • Custom Shape Notepads-20
    Custom Shape Notepads
  • Golf Divots-20
    Golf Divots
  • The Times Spiral Notebook-20
    The Times Spiral Notebook
  • 500ml Mirage Metal Drink Bottle-20
    500ml Mirage Metal Drink Bottle
  • Corporate Golf Towel-20
    Corporate Golf Towel
  • Plastic Hand Fan-20
    Plastic Hand Fan
  • Embassy Poco Grande Cocktail Glass-20
    Embassy Poco Grande Cocktail Glass
  • Promotional Golf Balls-20
    Promotional Golf Balls
  • Metal Glass Combination Trophies-20
    Metal Glass Combination Trophies
  • Wilson Golf Balls-20
    Wilson Golf Balls
  • Custom Printed Ribbon-20
    Custom Printed Ribbon
  • Polygon Wireless Charging Pad-20
    Polygon Wireless Charging Pad
  • The 4247 Picnic Bag-20
    The 4247 Picnic Bag
  • Pro Sports Bottle-20
    Pro Sports Bottle
  • Coloured Luggage Tag-20
    Coloured Luggage Tag
  • Vector 3 in 1 Charging Cord-20
    Vector 3 in 1 Charging Cord
  • Travel Deck Of Cards-20
    Travel Deck Of Cards
  • The Binx Mason Jar Cup-20
    The Binx Mason Jar Cup
  • Seasons Picture Frame-20
    Seasons Picture Frame
  • Groove Speaker-20
    Groove Speaker
  • Wheeled Duffel-20
    Wheeled Duffel
  • Smartphone iRing Hook-20
    Smartphone iRing Hook
  • Volt Promo Wireless Charger-20
    Volt Promo Wireless Charger
  • The TR Wine Block-20
    The TR Wine Block
  • 30 Can Cooler Stool-20
    30 Can Cooler Stool
  • 10 Day Pill Box-20
    10 Day Pill Box
  • Bottle Opener Keyring Torch-20
    Bottle Opener Keyring Torch
  • Passport Holder-20
    Passport Holder
  • 4 Piece Cheese Set-20
    4 Piece Cheese Set
  • Fresco Sport Cooler-20
    Fresco Sport Cooler
  • Prowl Headphones-20
    Prowl Headphones
  • Folding Picnic Chair-20
    Folding Picnic Chair
  • The Karma Wireless Charging Pad-20
    The Karma Wireless Charging Pad
  • The BOOM Speaker Power Bank-20
    The BOOM Speaker Power Bank
  • Coloured Glass Plaque-20
    Coloured Glass Plaque
  • Manicure Gift Set-20
    Manicure Gift Set
  • Stopwatch-20
  • Double Wall Tumbler-20
    Double Wall Tumbler
  • Stainless Barrel Mug-20
    Stainless Barrel Mug
  • Enclosed Luggage Tag-20
    Enclosed Luggage Tag
  • Marksman Pro Umbrella-20
    Marksman Pro Umbrella
  • Power Bank Combo Gift Set-20
    Power Bank Combo Gift Set
  • Vapor Backpack-20
    Vapor Backpack
  • Live Now Action Camera-20
    Live Now Action Camera
  • Bluetooth Speaker Charging Pad-20
    Bluetooth Speaker Charging Pad
  • Corporate Coil Style Backpack-20
    Corporate Coil Style Backpack
  • Tutti Frutti Tritan Sports Bottle-20
    Tutti Frutti Tritan Sports Bottle
  • Clean Travel Bag Set-20
    Clean Travel Bag Set
  • Compact Aluminium Torch-20
    Compact Aluminium Torch
  • 2 Bottle Wine Tote-20
    2 Bottle Wine Tote
  • Seasons Lunar Scented-20
    Seasons Lunar Scented
  • Trekk Multi Tool-20
    Trekk Multi Tool
  • Blurr Bluetooth Earbuds-20
    Blurr Bluetooth Earbuds
  • 26 Inch Wheeled Duffel-20
    26 Inch Wheeled Duffel
  • QI Wireless Adaptor-20
    QI Wireless Adaptor
  • Solid Glass Trophies-20
    Solid Glass Trophies
  • Manicure Set-20
    Manicure Set
  • Austin Conference Bag-20
    Austin Conference Bag
  • StayfFit Soup Express-20
    StayfFit Soup Express
  • Insulated Beach Bag-20
    Insulated Beach Bag
  • Marksman Passport Cover-20
    Marksman Passport Cover
  • Pepper Grinder-20
    Pepper Grinder
  • Elleven Utility Kit-20
    Elleven Utility Kit
  • Berkeley Laptop Bag-20
    Berkeley Laptop Bag
  • Four Person Picnic Bag-20
    Four Person Picnic Bag
  • Promotional Fold Out Chair-20
    Promotional Fold Out Chair
  • Drink Bottle Super Sipper-20
    Drink Bottle Super Sipper
  • Promo Picnic Blanket-20
    Promo Picnic Blanket
  • Cutter & Buck Card Holder-20
    Cutter & Buck Card Holder
  • Promo Puzzle Set-20
    Promo Puzzle Set
  • Ceramic Travel Mug-20
    Ceramic Travel Mug
  • Ceramic Espresso Set-20
    Ceramic Espresso Set
  • Travel Mouse Mini-20
    Travel Mouse Mini
  • Case Logic Messenger-20
    Case Logic Messenger
  • Marksman Odyssey Mobile Office-20
    Marksman Odyssey Mobile Office
  • Action Camera 4K Ultra HD-20
    Action Camera 4K Ultra HD
  • Wireless Wood Charging Pad-20
    Wireless Wood Charging Pad
  • Axum Wireless Charging Pad-20
    Axum Wireless Charging Pad
  • Brighton BPA Free Sports Bottle-20
    Brighton BPA Free Sports Bottle
  • Mini Travel Comfort Set-20
    Mini Travel Comfort Set
  • Work Mate Multi Tool-20
    Work Mate Multi Tool
  • Single Wine Bottle Holder-20
    Single Wine Bottle Holder
  • Seasons Riviera Blackboard-20
    Seasons Riviera Blackboard
  • Glass Coffee & Tea Set-20
    Glass Coffee & Tea Set
  • Cutter & Buck Money Clip-20
    Cutter & Buck Money Clip
  • Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker-20
    Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker
  • Traverse Compu-Upright Rolling-20
    Traverse Compu-Upright Rolling
  • Arc Induction Charger-20
    Arc Induction Charger
  • Icarus Wireless Charging Stand-20
    Icarus Wireless Charging Stand
  • Elleven iPad Cover-20
    Elleven iPad Cover
  • Premium 3d Cube Trophy-20
    Premium 3d Cube Trophy
  • Body Tape Measure-20
    Body Tape Measure
  • Ceramic Mug With Silicone Lid-20
    Ceramic Mug With Silicone Lid
  • 30 Can Freezer Tote-20
    30 Can Freezer Tote
  • Travel Bag-20
    Travel Bag
  • Car Boot Organiser-20
    Car Boot Organiser
  • 50 Can Cooler-20
    50 Can Cooler
  • Compu Backpack-20
    Compu Backpack
  • Armband Carry Pack-20
    Armband Carry Pack
  • TR Folding Sports Chair-20
    TR Folding Sports Chair

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149 Item(s)

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Corporate Christmas Gifts For Staff & Clients.

At Dynamic Gift International, we have a range of gift ideas for your staff Christmas gifts that can all be custom branded with the company logo or emblem in a multitude of styles and colours. We have wooden wine blocks which can be heat stamped with a logo, wine glasses, wireless charging pads, bags - our range is extensive and you won’t be disappointed in the choices.

Your staff work so hard throughout the year, it’s only fair that you give them something a little unique, classy and a way for them to remember how they’re having an awesome time in your company!

Saying Thanks.

Staff Christmas gifts can be a bargain to buy when you buy in bulk, and we know you will agree that Christmas is a favourite time of year for businesses. Providing corporate or staff gifts at the end of the year is a perfect way to round out your calendar and say goodbye to an old year.

The types of our staff Christmas gifts on offer are varied, which means that whatever you need we can match for you. What makes them better, though, lies in the presentation. You can get staff Christmas gifts with a wraparound of your logo, or you could go for a bright colour so your brand is stamped across it and you can go unique with your own brand design.

When you’re looking for a unique way to thank the staff that work for you, printed staff Christmas gifts will stand out from any crowd and be a lasting advertisement on the masses. It’s all about showing off your brand while giving thanks for all their help, and if you can do that with staff Christmas gifts, you’re going to be a winner in the eyes of your employees.

Staying Appropriately Fun!

Staff Christmas gifts are always well-received, but there are some boundaries. It’s so common to get carried away with your gifting because Christmas means that there is so much to do and so many people to think about. Choosing gifts that are appropriate is important and you need to order your gifts with Dynamic Gift International now so that you get them on time for the festive season.

No job is too big or small for us here and while we won’t supply the awesome reaction you’ll get from the gifts that you give, you’re going to want to toast to your smashing idea in corporate staff Christmas gifts this year. The only real dilemma that you will need to ask yourself in the end is: which of you is dressing up as Father Christmas to hand them out?

Our Designs

At our inhouse design studio, our services aren’t just efficient, they’re free. We know you need the best artwork on your printed staff Christmas gifts to really pack a punch and we aim to be as careful as possible with your artwork. The first part of your order is the design stage. You’ll let us know what you want and we will create a preview for you to look at before work begins. More often than not, we get it right the first time with our printed staff Christmas gifts, but if there are changes that you want us to make before production begins, we will walk you through the process.

Dynamic Gift International can offer a low price guarantee; if you find printed staff Christmas gifts cheaper elsewhere within Australia, let us know and we will 100% beat that price! Our art service is free and you can leave the creativity up to us. We will show you the design of your items every step of the way so that you can approve it before we create your promotional masterpiece. The best bit? Some of our items have a five day turnaround time, so you’re not waiting for long!

As all of our items are made to order based on your vision, we will never put through an item that you aren’t 100% happy with. Striving for 100% satisfaction is our game and we want you to be able to raise a glass to Dynamic Gift International in the end.

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