Why Membership Cards Are a Great Marketing Tool
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Why Membership Cards Are a Great Marketing Tool

If you've been looking to attract more repeat customers, you need to consider more methods. Your business can benefit from offering membership cards.

Utilizing a membership program is much easier than most business owners think. It doesn't have to be a complicated plan like enrolling in an annual membership plan at a major retailer. But a paid membership can also be beneficial.

Whether you offer a free or paid membership, it can benefit your business. Think of it as a promotional product. Here's how offering a membership card to your customers can be a great marketing tool.


It Replaces a Business Card

When you offer a membership card, even a simple loyalty card, it acts as a business card. But unlike a business card, it won't get tossed in the trash.

People place a higher value on membership cards than business cards. Many customers might pick up your business card and then discard it a few days later. But if there's value attached to that card, those customers will hold onto it.

It's easy to turn a business card into a loyalty card. You can add a loyalty program to the back that offers customers rewards, such as a free product or service after a number of uses.

Even if it's a simple loyalty card for which the customer gets a stamp each time they make a purchase, it will serve as a kind reminder. The cards don't have to be anything special for customers to hold onto them. You just have to offer a simple reason for the customer to keep the card and return to your business.

It is likely that even the most basic of loyalty cards will remain with a customer. They usually have a space on the fridge or in their wallet to hold onto them.


It Gathers Data

One of the greatest benefits a business can receive from a membership program is the data. This data can be important for the growth of your business.

When your customers enroll in a membership program, they will provide valuable information, including their address and age. They may also include email addresses and phone numbers that you can use.

Having your customers' addresses and ages gives you demographic information. That information might change how you advertise your business.

If you require your customers to sign up for a card with their email address, you have another marketing tool. You can set up a regular email newsletter with all the email addresses you've collected. Through those emails, you can offer customers special discounts.

Customers who receive those emails will be happy to return to your business. They know that they'll receive something when they go to you.

Those email addresses can also help you discover what your customers want and need. You can send them surveys to find out whether they're happy with your services. You can even ask for suggestions on how to improve your business.


Customers Return for Rewards

Any good membership card will offer customers some sort of reward. As mentioned earlier, this can be as simple as receiving a stamp each time they buy a product.

If customers see a reward, no matter how small, they will act. It may take them a while to achieve the reward, but they will continue to work towards it.

The reward you offer customers doesn't have to be a free gift. You can offer them special access to products and services. This is an especially good strategy for products that sell out quickly.

The best part about offering rewards for customer loyalty is that you don't have to get customers to pay for membership. By offering them an inexpensive reward, such as a free product that they regularly purchase, you create a positive image for your business.


Customers Are Attracted to Discounts

If signing up for a membership card gives customers a discount, they are likely to join. It doesn't have to be a major discount, but it should make joining the membership program worthwhile.

As soon as customers see that there's a way to receive a discount, they'll want to find out how to get it. If it requires a membership fee, they will have to consider if they'll just get the one-time discount or reuse it.

You have to ensure that the discounts offered are worth the price of membership. Not all customers will do the math, but enough of them will do a cost analysis to see whether they're really saving money.

The discounts you offer also don't have to be on everything that customers buy. You can offer membership cards that give customers a discount on popular products or even at certain times of year.


It Can Be a Revenue Source

If your membership program requires a fee, then you have an additional revenue stream. You can put a price on membership that makes customers feel like they have a special status.

Within your membership program you can offer different levels that offer more benefits to customers. As customers see those special levels as a sign of status, they are more likely to spend a little more money to attain it.

You will have to offer your customers value equal to the membership fee to ensure they sign up and continue to renew. If customers don't see the benefit of membership after a few months, they will not renew.


Use Membership Cards to Improve Customer Loyalty

Kickstart your marketing with membership cards and improve customer loyalty. Remember that there are different types of loyalty programs and you should choose the one that's right for your business.

Use all the marketing tools available to you. Focusing on just one method will not be enough. But combining those marketing tools with a membership program can bring great benefits to your business.

If you're looking for ideas for gifts to give to loyal customers, contact us and let us help you find the best choices. We can even help you create membership cards and other promotional products to retain your customers.

14 May 2018