Think colors are chosen easily? Think again!

Colors in advertising have an incredible effect on consumer judgment. In fact, researchers found that as much as 90 percent of snap judgments on products are based on color alone.

Find out what colors can make your promotional materials pop!


Experience Cheer with Yellow

One of the most commonly used marketing colors is yellow.

Evoke happiness, warmth, and alertness with yellow hues that demand concentration. Yellow often attracts intellectuals and optimists.

If your products are for babies or young children, though, stay away! Yellow can actually make babies cry and stimulate anxious feelings.

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Make an Impact with Red

Colors in marketing are essential to its success! Make waves with red, a vibrant color that exudes warmth, comfort, and low. Its striking hue evokes excitement, passion, speed, and is powerful. Even researchers have found that red can have profound effects on our perception.

Red is often used in marketing because it evokes urgency and last-minute deals. If you have a promotion that's expiring soon, add red to encourage your audience to take action today!


Exude Royalty with Purple

The psychology of color is fascinating. The effects of one color may not ascribe to another.

Consider the feeling you want to emote for your promotional marketing materials. Perhaps you want to solidify yourself as a voice of authority? Maybe you're trying to reach a female market?

If so, purple is the best choice! Exude elegance, regency, and wisdom by adding purple to your promotions!

Purple also aids in problem-solving, creativity, and respect. It's often used to promote beauty products.


Stay Calm with Blue

One of the most commonly used colors in marketing is blue.

Blue is the color most associated with men. It symbolized dignity, authority, and faith. It's no wonder why blue is most people's favorite color.

Blue is an excellent choice for brands that are conservative and encourages trust. Since it's predominantly associated with calm, water, and tranquility, a lot of cleaning and healthy brands use blue in their brand colors.


Go Natural with Green

Are your promotional products nature-focused? Are you promoting a lean, clean, healthy machine? Well, green is the color for you!

Green is often used for environmental issues and natural, organic products. Green symbolizes nature, tranquility, freedom, and that fresh feeling that we crave! This color is also incredibly soothing, making it perfect for a relaxing promotion.

Think about what you want your promotion to reflect. Green is an excellent choice for relaxation and harmony. Many skin products use green in their branding to promote power and health.

Green is also said to lead to decisiveness, making it perfect for in-store products.


Using Colors in Advertising

Now that you know what colors mean and how they affect your audience, it's time to put your brand's colors in advertising in action.

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