Premium Stretch Display Booths Completely Custom Made

Our quality stretch displays are unsurpassed, not only in quality and design but also price. You would actually be surprised at how affordable our stretch display solutions are! And with our 100% free mockup service, rapid delivery times and outstanding customer service there is no reason not to use one of these display packages at your next event. With enhanced exposure at a trade show or exhibition your company will seriously stand out from your surroundings! Get a free quote and virtual mockup today!


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    If you're looking for a trade show display that's cost-effective, looks great, and is easy to store and use, custom branded stretch fabric displays are an excellent choice. These lightweight exhibit materials have become considerably more popular in the past few years, and they're here to stay. Read on to learn some of the benefits of stretch display products from Dynamic Gift.

    They're Bespoke

    Although these are modular displays, it's still easy to customise them with your branding, logo, and design aesthetic. It's easy to rearrange materials to keep trade show booths interesting, and with our sharp graphics and rich colours, everything will stand out just the way it should.

    Easy Setup

    Pop-up trade show booths have become more popular because they're easy to set up and they're very portable. Those who've attended Melbourne expos in the past know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to ship and store these materials. However, with stretch fabric displays, components only weigh a percentage of what their predecessors did. With these benefits, shipping and storage becomes much simpler.


    Because of their portability and light weight, stretch display products are very flexible. You can move components around and arrange them into a configuration that suits any event. They're simple to put up and tear down, which makes it possible for one employee to handle the entire booth. This makes these custom branded trade show products ideal for companies on a budget.


    Although easy portability is certainly a big benefit, that ease carries over into other areas as well. When workers spend less time putting up and taking down customised displays, there's less wear and tear. Though fabric may seem to be temporary, such displays often last longer because they don't require as much handling. Consider our stretch fabric displays for use in businesses throughout Australia.

    Visual Appeal

    The stretch fabric used in these displays makes end-to-end printing simple. Graphics are of the highest quality, with full colours and crisp lines, and you're guaranteed to get a modern, sleek display that grabs visitors' attention.


    Stretch fabric displays offer nearly limitless design options, and you'll be able to create an exhibit that suits your budget. As the company's finances and needs evolve, these booths can keep pace with the changes. Where cost-efficient event marketing is crucial, custom branded fabric displays are a good option.


    Both the metal and fabric components are durable enough to ensure that displays look great from one show to the next. At Dynamic Gift, we only use the best materials to create long-lasting, great-looking displays. Our fabrics hold up quite well, and aluminium stands provide easy, effortless support.

    The Bottom Line

    The goal of a trade show exhibit is to draw attendees' eyes toward the booth. While some companies rely on promo items, it's possible to achieve similar goals with innovative, visually compelling stretch fabric displays. With their bright colours, incredible graphics, and brand imagery, these signs are the perfect complement to any expo exhibit in Melbourne or Sydney. Call Dynamic Gift today to learn about our fabric display options.