Custom Branded Backlit Signs & Lightboxes Delivered Fast

Creating branded displays is an essential part of promoting your business. Whether you're setting up a window display in your store or trying to get everyone's attention at a trade show or another event, backlit signs are the perfect addition to any display. Having lights and colours as part of your display is a sure way to get everyone's attention, and a backlit display can deliver both things at once. It can be designed and branded to work for your business, wherever you decide that you want to display it. Our options for backlit displays allow you to choose a style that will work for your brand.


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    Backlit displays can easily be packed up and carried anywhere, making them excellent for taking to events or moving around stores. We have displays available in a number of different styles, including A-frame signs, frameless cabinet signs, 2D backlit chrome signs, standalone backlit signs, crystal frame illuminated signs, frameless backlit signs, and stainless steel signs. We can offer custom options for resin illuminated signs and other backlit sign styles to meet the needs of your business. Just take a look at what the different options can offer you to find a backlit display style that you like.

    Our signs won't drain your budget at any point

    Our backlit signs are made with safe, low power LED lights. This means that they are eco-friendly and inexpensive to run. You don't have to worry about having them on often because they won't use up a lot of energy. They have long lifespans of 50,000 hours (more than 5 years), so your display will keep going for a long time before the need to replace the lights or the display itself arises. All of our displays are durable and easy to set up, and we can offer full colour printing on some styles for a brilliant display.

    Portable Options Available

    Several of our options for backlit displays are ideal for taking to trade shows and other events. They can quickly be set up and have minimal parts, so you can put them up and take them down quickly and easily at every event. Some sign options can be hung up on walls, offering lightweight solutions that grab people's attention. Custom signs made with resin or stainless steel can be designed to your specifications with your brand's logo or design for eye-catching displays that can promote your brand anywhere.

    You can set the tone that you want with a backlit display. Whether you want to create a look that's as professional as possible or have some fun with a display at an event, we can meet your needs. Our custom design service can create a completely bespoke display for you, or we can help with solutions like A-frames to print your marketing on durable stretch textiles. Unlike many of our promotional items, you only need to order one of our displays, and one is all that you will need to start making a big impact. View our backlit signs to see which style is right for your brand.