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USB Swivel Drive

USB Guarantee

Minimum Order: 25 Units

The USB Swivel is our most popular usb design. It is made from only the highest quality components, backed up by high grade samsung internal chips.

The capless metal swivel design means no components can be lost and the keyloop makes attaching the USB Drive to a lanyard or keyring very simple. The metal section of the usb drive is available in Black, gold, silver, brushed alloy and white pearl finishes.

Rubberised coating of the plastic section ensures durability and strength for protecting your data.

Swivel Colours


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Warranty information

We offer a 10 year warranty on the functionality of the microchips used in our USB drives.

Capacity Available

Please specify a capacity when requesting a quote. Capacities available are:

Computer and device compatibility

Our custom USB flash drives function with all operating systems including: Windows, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP/2000/ME/98/95. Drivers are required for Windows 98 & 95.

Apple Macintosh, OS8.6 and above. Linux, 2.4 X and above.

USB Transfer rate

All of our chips are high speed USB 2.0 or 3.0 (additional charges apply for USB 3.0 - All USB Drives are USB 1.1 compatible.

Data Retention time

Data lasts on a USB drive for 10 years minimum (dependant on microchip functionality) - With 500,000 read/write cycles.

Data Customisation services

We offer the following data services:

Standard date preloading
Menu-Prompt Autorun
AutoPlay Autorun
Non-Erasable Content
Autoplay & autorun (based on operating system rules)
Custom icon creation
Creation and USB serialization services


USB Drives - The future of promotional marketing products.

Do you remember when USB drives or "ThumbDrives" were first being released into the public? when IBM and Trek technology began production of USB drives in 2000.  When people were fighting for the right to produce and sell flash drives and several lawsuits were raised by large manufacturers of usb drives.

As USB Drives became more of a mass produced item and were further refined into USB 2.0 (an even faster more flexible platform for managing and storing files, data & documents).

Today people are utilising usb drives to promote their organisations, groups, charities and small business ventures. A printed usb may be percieved as far superior than a pen or even a business card when comparing promotional items with one and other.

The important thing is to choose the right usb drive for the job, and the USB swivel design above is a perfect flash drive for the job. Large imprint area, practicality and capless design make this USB drive the most popular drive in a range of usb drives that is fast growing!

# Excellent marketing tools.
# Long lasting reminder of your brand, company or business.
# Highly usable item in day to day computing.
# More people carry usb drives with them now than ever before.
# Attachable to a keyring or car keys meaning your logo can be carried anywhere.

The swivel USB is popular because of it's strong construction; Modern design elements and usability across the board. It contains Samsung internals coated in highly durable plastic and strong aluminum swivel (which I might add is available in Gold, Silver, Brushed Alloy, Pearl white and black)

Occasionally the colours carried in stock will not match a corporate colour scheme or theme, for these requirements the plastic shell can be pantone colour matches to a specific colour (with a plus or minus 5% tolerance of course). This is excellent to create that special promotional usb drives for your next promotion, event or marketing expo.

We offer a large range of colours and options for the USB Swivel. The body can be colour coded to Pantone Colours



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