Custom Branded Vinyl Wristbands Delivered Fast

Our custom branded plastic wristbands are perfect for adding that personal touch to your next event. Whether it's a concert, trade show, performance or attraction, we have a wrist band to suit. We offer vinyl wrist bands in a range of colours and widths, all able to have your very own branding.


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    If your organisation is planning to host a major production such as a concert or convocation, you may be interested to learn more about the range of products available from Dynamic Gift. We specialise in cost-effective branded products that can be used to coordinate admission and reinforce security at large-scale public gatherings.

    While a standard paper ticket may be enough for airlines and cinemas, many of our corporate clients report a need for a durable solution. Perhaps they’re planning a multi-day trade show or an outdoor festival. In either case, a paper ticket isn’t going to be enough.

    For productions that see attendees moving around or even returning for second and third days, we recommend looking over our line of vinyl wristbands. These bracelets snap on one time, and they stay on the person’s wrist until they are intentionally cut off with scissors or a knife.

    Easily Identify Attendees

    Regardless of whether your customers have purchased a ticket in advance or are planning to pay upon entry, why not buy these bracelets in bulk and give your team the opportunity to screen attendees at the door? Dynamic Gift’s diverse range of colours and printing styles gives you plenty of leeway in creating different tiers of entry.

    Will you be serving alcohol at your event despite the fact that not all of your attendees are going to be of legal drinking age? Maintain order (not to mention compliance with the law) by creating colour-coded bracelets that allow bartenders to quickly and easily identify those attendees that they can serve.

    Eliminate Transfer or Re-Use

    If you are hosting a concert, festival or convocation that’s going to attract hundreds—or even thousands—of guests, then keeping track of everyone becomes extremely difficult. This becomes even more of an issue when guests are free to come and go for the duration of the programme.

    Eliminate the guess work by ordering custom bracelets that are designed to last for days without falling off, tearing or losing their colouration. This makes it much easier for your team to maintain crowd control without worrying that guests are swapping or re-using bracelets.

    Once you snap one of these on a person’s wrist, it’s going to stay there until they intentionally cut it off. There’s no undoing the snap or stretching the material. With that in mind, these products represent a cheap and simple way to ensure that your guests are able to enjoy the productions that you have planned for them.

    Get the Word Out Ahead of Time

    Dynamic Gift can also help you publicise special occasions in the weeks leading up to them. In addition to secure bracelets that can’t be reused, we also offer a variety of Australian-made gifts that can be printed with a save-the-date style message. You might consider sending a printed slap bracelet or keyring to everyone who purchases a ticket in advance.

    You’d be surprised at how well promotional gifts serve to get the word out. Why not enquire about our wholesale orders today to find out how affordable these products can really be?