Custom Branded Picnic Blankets Delivered Fast

Picnic blankets are perfect for spending the day outside at the park and getting out of the office for a little bit. They’re great for couples, families, or those who just want to relax alone in the afternoon sun. Our branded picnic blankets are high-quality blankets your customers are going to use again and again. The more they use the blankets, the more they’ll see your branding and the more likely it is others will see your branding as well.


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    Corporate gifts are a fantastic way to get your branding out there for everyone to see, but you need the right product to give away. You need something that’s going to work. Check out our corporate picnic rugs if you’re looking for an amazing gift your customers are going to love and use. Our high-quality picnic blankets are perfect for adding your branding and can help you get the word out about your company.

    We’re going to provide all of the help you need to start giving away our picnic blankets. We offer a number of options and services to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the picnic blankets and that your customers are going to appreciate them and use them often. Check out all of the picnic blankets you can choose from today to order ones for your next event.

    Why Picnic Blankets?

    Our picnic blankets make it easy for you to get the word out about your business. They’re a corporate gift that’s large enough for your logo to be easily seen even from far away and they’re something your customers will use often, making it possible for as many people as possible to see your logo. This encourages brand recognition and helps your business grow.

    When to Give Away Picnic Blankets

    Give away picnic blankets during the spring and the summer. Whenever you have an event while the weather’s great outside, go ahead and offer picnic blankets to all of your customers. It’s the perfect time of the year to spend time at the park, and picnic blankets remind them to take a break and enjoy the fantastic weather.

    While picnic blankets are used most often during the spring and summer, they can be useful during the colder months as well. They’re perfect for sporting events and can even be used by your customers for indoor events when needed. Once your customers have a picnic blanket with your logo on it, they’ll find plenty of excuses to put it to good use.

    Choose the Right Blankets

    We have a number of corporate picnic rugs for you to choose from. Our seaside blanket easily rolls up and includes a waterproof backing, which makes it the perfect option if your customers are likely to spend a lot of time at the beach. Our polar fleece blanket is perfect for sports events, and our premium picnic blanket is easy to wrap up and close so your customers can take it anywhere.

    Most corporate gifts need to be seen up close for someone to be able to recognize your branding, but not these blankets. All of our blankets offer a large space for your branding. They’re the perfect way to get people interested in your business because the customized area is large enough to be seen by anyone whenever your customers are carrying the picnic blanket with them.

    Look through the various picnic blankets we offer to find one your customers are going to appreciate and use. We offer a number of different options so you’re sure to find one that’s going to be perfect for your customers. Remember, the more they use it, the more they’ll see your branding and the more likely it is others will see your branding as well, getting your business a lot more exposure.

    Add Your Own Branding

    All of our picnic blankets can have your branding added to them. You choose the design and we can add it to as many of the blankets as you’ll need. If you’re not sure of what to add to the blankets or need help creating a design that shows off your business and captures the attention of all who see it, we can help you.

    We offer a 100% free design service to help you make sure the picnic blankets look amazing. We can work with you to help you choose every detail of your blankets so they’re sure to impress your customers. Simply contact us today to get started working with us on the design for picnic blankets your business can give away.

    Order What You Need

    Whether you have a trade show coming up or you’re hosting your own event for your customers, having corporate gifts on hand for them is crucial. Make sure you consider the number of picnic blankets you need and order them at once so you’ll have as many as you might need for the event.

    We make sure you can get what you need without spending too much money. In fact, we offer the most comprehensive price beat guarantee in Australia. If you find a lower price for corporate blankets anywhere in Australia, we’ll beat it. You can get the picnic blankets you need and stay under your budget.

    Get Started Today

    When you need corporate gifts for your customers, we can help. Our branded picnic blankets are the perfect gift for your customers throughout the year, especially during the spring and summer months. With so many options to choose from, it’s going to be easier than you might expect for you to choose picnic blankets your customers will use over and over.

    Get the word out about your business with a spectacular corporate gift today. We offer rapid delivery times and have an optional rush service you can take advantage of, plus we offer help designing your picnic blanket. Let us help you get the picnic blankets ready for you to give away at your next event. Your customers are going to love their gift.