Custom Printed Luggage Tags & Promotional Luggage Identifiers

We have a fantastic range of instantly recognisable luggage tags with your company logo branded right onto the front. We offer the single card variant, and the split card with a slide out function which enables you to keep your contact details private while on the go. These are a great little printed luggage identifiers are the perfect gift item for clients and customers, airlines could give them out to business class passengers, a travel agency could give them to their clients or you could include them as part of a gift pack to staff! Don't delay in contacting us, we offer 100% no obligation quote and free virtual mock up for your perusal with no strings attached and no pressure to proceed!


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    In today's hyper-competitive marketing environment, promotional products have been proven to work. However, people can only wear so many hats and carry so many tote bags. That's why the pens and keychains of yesteryear have, for the most part, been supplanted by a whole host of new promotional product ideas. After all, even a well-designed keychain still spends the majority of its time in its user's pocket. Coming up with new and innovative ways to advertise a brand or a product can be a challenge. Any product chosen has to be both visible and useful. That's why Promotional Luggage Tags are so effective.

    Instant Engagement

    Branded luggage identifiers are much more useful than the majority of other promotional items in their price range. Anyone who travels by air, train, or bus can make good use of a luggage tag, making them perfect for trade shows and company-sponsored events that draw crowds from other areas of Australia. Create a carefully designed product, and the chances are each of the tags will be put to good use almost immediately after receiving them.

    Luggage tags also have the advantage of bringing product or brand awareness to a much larger audience than most promotional goods. Many travelers use them on both business and pleasure trips all across the world, allowing even small businesses to attract international clients and customers.

    Noticeable by Definition

    Promotional luggage tags are specifically designed to be noticeable. After all, any luggage tag must perform two functions: name the owner of the baggage as a safeguard against loss and make it easier for him or her to identify the bag itself should it need to be checked and subsequently retrieved from baggage claim. One quick walk around any airport or train terminal will make it clear that, while some features are preferred by certain travelers over others, conspicuousness is something all luggage tags all have in common.

    To take full advantage of this feature, companies should incorporate a logo that is easy to read and recognize. They should also ensure there is plenty of space for everyone receiving these gifts to include all of their information. After all, if the tags are too small, no one will use them.

    Choosing the Right Luggage Tags

    As with any promotional product, choosing the right luggage tags requires a little bit of forethought. If both the recipients of the gifts and the intended audience for the products or services being marketed are drawn from the business world, the chances are they will be more likely to respond positively to sophisticated and elegant than gaudy and ostentatious. Companies targeting families with children, on the other hand, will almost certainly find that brighter and more child-friendly tags will suit their purposes better.

    Things like scale must be given adequate consideration as well since companies giving away vast quantities of these promotional goods typically want to choose more affordable models without all the bells and whistles to stay within their budgets. On the other end of the spectrum, those giving away branded tags as gifts to individual clients, customers, or even employees, can typically afford to incorporate more elaborate and useful design characteristics. Features such as built-in locks and luggage straps can increase the chances any recipient will continue to put this promotional gift to good use.

    Who Can Benefit From This Product?

    While branded ID tags make an obvious choice for companies producing products or services specifically for travelers, it's important to realize that every traveler also has a job, a family, and unique hobbies. Therefore, just about any company can draw new customers and clients from a crowded airport. Those who can afford to travel frequently are the perfect target audience for a wide variety of companies, as they can also afford to purchase other luxury items or useful services. Nearly any company can benefit from creating affordable promotional ID tags.

    Travel Tags from Dynamic Gift: Travel in Style

    Are you searching for a creative and memorable way to promote your business while also supplying an excellent gift for your clients and customers? Look no further than our choice of personalised luggage tags! Our luggage tags are a fantastic way to ensure that your clients' belongings are easily identifiable while also promoting your brand or logo.

    We offer a range of options to suit your needs, including single card variants and split cards with slide-out functions. Our travel tags are made of high-quality materials and built to last, ensuring they can withstand travel rigors and last for years.

    In addition to being an effective promotional item for businesses, our personalised luggage tags also make fantastic gifts for employees or for use in gift packs. They're the perfect way to add style and sophistication to any travel experience and leave an impression on your clients and customers that lasts.

    Personalised Luggage Tags: Classy and Effective

    At our company, we understand the importance of supplying exceptional customer service and quality products. That's why we offer a 100% no obligation quote and free virtual mock-up for your perusal with no strings attached and no pressure to go ahead. We're committed to your satisfaction and our team of experts is always on hand to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Contact us today to learn more about our choice of personalised luggage tags. Discover how we can help you promote your brand while also supplying an excellent item for your clients and customers. With our unbeatable quality and customer service, you won't be disappointed.