Custom Branded Hot & Cold Packs At The Lowest Prices

No matter what line of work you’re in, our ice packs are an effective way to promote your business. If you’re unsure of why they’re better than other marketing strategies, try this: they last for years, they are helpful to the recipient, large flat branding area allows for your full company logo and contact details to be used. Talk to us today for a fast written quote and a 100% FREE virtual sample of your design prior to ordering.


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    Set Descending Direction

    Other promotional methods, such as print and radio ads, are costlier, but they only circulate for a short time. However, our ice packs are economical enough that they’ll provide your company with more coverage for a lower cost.

    They Make Great Reminders

    These ice packs make great corporate gifts, as they keep your brand relevant and fresh. They remind customers of the products and services you offer, and the next time someone needs what you’re selling, they’ll know who to call.

    A Long Shelf Life

    Promo items offer greater brand exposure over time than other marketing avenues. While they can’t be worn, our ice packs can be seen or used daily, thereby providing a nearly constant reminder of the corporate brand. If customers use them regularly, you’ll benefit from the increased brand exposure.

    An Easy Way to Show Customers That You Care

    Giving away small promotional items is an excellent way to generate goodwill. Offering visitors and potential buyers a branded ice pack shows that you’re willing to give and receive, which is crucial to the building of a successful business relationship.

    Becoming an Industry Leader

    Our promotional ice packs are something your customers will appreciate with each use. By giving these away, along with the other giveaway items we offer, you’ll show competitors and customers that your company is a creative, imaginative industry leader.

    Making a Splash at Expos and Trade Shows

    When potential buyers attend trade shows, our ice packs will help you impress them while standing out from the crowd. With an order of at least 50, custom printed with your logo or message, you’ll get an eye-catching, yet practical reminder gift.

    Building Company Loyalty

    By giving your staff and salespeople ice packs branded with your company’s logo, you’ve found a great way to increase awareness and promote loyalty from within the organization. Call us today to get started!

    Reaching a Sizable Demographic

    With our ice packs and other corporate gifts, you’re sure to find something that appeals to everyone’s taste, regardless of their demographic or age. We can help you find ideas to tap into new and untested markets.

    Showing Your Company’s Fun Side

    Our ice packs are a sporty, yet practical way to show that you’ve got a light-hearted, approachable side that customers will relate to. Every time a recipient uses an ice pack at a sporting event or picnic, they’ll think of you!

    Reinforcing Your Corporate Message

    Does the company prefer to portray a cool or fun image, or are you more professional and reserved in your approach? Using our ice packs in a way that reflects the style and tone of the brand will reinforce its message so that any recipient will immediately see what your company is all about.

    We hope you’ve found this guide useful. We’re a leading supplier of corporate gifts and promotional merchandise, including our ice packs. If you’re looking for help with your next promo campaign, get in touch with us by phone or online.