Custom Printed & Promotional Banner Pens

Price beat guarantee | Fastest turnaround in Australia | Low minimum order qty. Printer banner pens are a truely unique way to promote your business or provide people with vital information about your event, schedule or just give people a handy calendar with your details branded. Printed banner pens are a great option to consider, because they allow you to hand out promotional gifts with the message that you want to share.


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    How Do Printed Banner Pens Work?

    These types of pens look like a regular pen, and they can be used in a similar manner as a standard pen. But, there is one unique feature that makes this pen stand out: a small banner or flag that can be pulled out of the pen.

    The banner is wrapped inside of the pen, but it can be easily displayed by pulling on the banner to unroll it from the pen. Once the banner is pulled out, the customer can read the information that you have printed on the banner, then it retracts back into the pen. We offer double-sided printing, so that you can share a message on both sides.

    It is essentially a mini brochure within a pen, and you can include any relevant information that is beneficial for your company. For example, you might have product images, a marketing message, motivational quotes, or even a small calendar built into the pen.

    Why Printed Banner Pens are so Popular

    Your current and potential customers will love the novelty of being able to pull out the banner, and they will also enjoy the functionality of the pen. It is a promotional product that is small enough to be carried around in a purse or bag, which increases the likelihood that the person will continue using the product on a regular basis.

    Every marketing department is looking for a way to capture the attention of the target audience, and these pens offer high impact results because they are so unique. Once a company starts using the banner pens in their marketing efforts, it is much more likely that they will re-order several times because they will be experiencing good success with the product.

    Marketing Advantages from a Printed Banner Pen

    Each time your customer reaches for the pen, they will see your branded information and remember your company. The pen helps to improve brand recognition, and it might help them to turn to your company in the future if they are ready to buy a product or service that you offer.

    The moving parts on the pen make it more likely that the pen will be a talking-point among friends and family. For example, if a child grabs the pen out of a purse and starts playing with the pull-out banner, then it will likely capture the attention of the adults in the area. Additionally, people might make it a point to show the banner to their friends, since it is a unique way to display information.

    Where to Use Banner Pens

    There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to using these banner pens. Popular uses include giveaways at trade shows, conventions, expos, or charities. If your company will be represented among a large group, then these pens can be a great way to capture the attention of the attendees.

    Another option is to use the pen in a similar manner as a business card. You can have your personal information and business details printed on the banner, and pass out the pen instead of a business card. Business cards are small and everyone uses them, so it is very possible that your card will get lost in the shuffle of paperwork and other items. On the other hand, a pen is useful to have around, which means that it is more likely that each person will hold onto the pen and have access to your contact information.

    High Quality Products

    Here at Dynamic Gift, our goal is to make sure that you are always satisfied with the products that you receive from our company. These pens are affordable and durable, and they offer a high perceived value as a giveaway product. The ink cartridge has a long life, and we have in-house designers who can help you to put together the right marketing message for your banner.

    We serve New Zealand and Australia, and we can also ship these promotional products anywhere in the world. We would love to help you with your marketing efforts, contact us today to learn more about the options that are available!