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Our choice of non-woven tote bags offers a range of styles for your promotional needs. These bags are excellent for shopping, carrying gym gear, going to the beach and many other purposes. With choices ranging from drawstring bags and satchels to wine totes, you can choose the bags that you think are best suited to your promotional campaign or event. We have bags available in different sizes and at various price points, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. These bags make a useful and practical item to give away or sell, especially for businesses that want to take a more eco-friendly approach. Read More
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  • Cargo Organiser Tote-20
    Cargo Organiser Tote
  • Non Woven Duffel Bag-20
    Non Woven Duffel Bag
  • Non Woven Suit Bags-20
    Non Woven Suit Bags
  • Non-Woven Mesh Drawstring Sportspack-20
    Non-Woven Mesh Drawstring Sportspack
  • Premium Pattern Non Woven Bag-20
    Premium Pattern Non Woven Bag
  • Non Woven Wine Tote 13 x 30cm-20
    Non Woven Wine Tote 13 x 30cm
  • NW Flap Satchel 37 x 32cm-20
    NW Flap Satchel 37 x 32cm
  • Non Woven Coffee Carrier 18x16cm-20
    Non Woven Coffee Carrier 18x16cm
  • Silver Line Pattern Non Woven Bag-20
    Silver Line Pattern Non Woven Bag
  • Full Colour Non Woven Tote-20
    Full Colour Non Woven Tote
  • Avanti Tote Bag-20
    Avanti Tote Bag
  • Kira A4 Tote Bag-20
    Kira A4 Tote Bag
  • Cross Town Budget Sling-20
    Cross Town Budget Sling
  • City Shopper Tote Bag-20
    City Shopper Tote Bag
  • Slinger Tote Bag-20
    Slinger Tote Bag
  • Super Shopper Tote Bag-20
    Super Shopper Tote Bag
  • Fashion Tote Bag-20
    Fashion Tote Bag
  • Mega Shopper Tote Bag-20
    Mega Shopper Tote Bag
  • Viva Tote Bag-20
    Viva Tote Bag
  • Maxi Tote Bag-20
    Maxi Tote Bag
  • Trade Show Tote Bag 25x33cm-20
    Trade Show Tote Bag 25x33cm
  • Promotional Pocket Slot Tote-20
    Promotional Pocket Slot Tote
  • The Elm Mini Tote-20
    The Elm Mini Tote
  • Change Up Convention Tote-20
    Change Up Convention Tote
  • Custom Carry All Tote-20
    Custom Carry All Tote
  • Mammoth Tote-20
    Mammoth Tote
  • Promotional Shopper Tote-20
    Promotional Shopper Tote
  • The Twilight Shoulder Sling-20
    The Twilight Shoulder Sling
  • The Townsend Meeting Tote-20
    The Townsend Meeting Tote
  • Gift Tote Bag-20
    Gift Tote Bag
  • Delta Tote Bag-20
    Delta Tote Bag
  • Wave Strider Tote Bag-20
    Wave Strider Tote Bag

Set Descending Direction

32 Item(s)

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Multiple styles to choose from

We have several different bag styles to choose from, including suit bags, duffle bags, satchels, coffee carriers, wine totes, trade show totes and shopping totes. They offer a range of benefits, from larger bags that have reinforced sides to pockets and sections, and various trap options too. Different colours are available too, allowing you to both select the colours that you want and print your own design onto your choice of bag. Our free artwork design service means that you can get just the right design for your non woven tote bags, no matter which style you choose.

Reduce your footprint on our planet

Tote bags are an eco-friendly and popular promotional items, ideal for using at trade shows, conferences and other events. You can fill them with other goodies and promotional items, or the people you give them to can make use of them while exploring a trade show. Our non-woven tote bags can be used again and again, rather than being just a single-use item or something that won't get used at all. Bags are always useful, whether for shopping, travelling or various other purposes. Our range has different sizes available so they can be used for anything from a shopping trip to a weekend away.

Give people a tote bag they can keep forever

All of our tote bag options are made with durable non-woven material. When you're looking for a long-lasting promotional item that your customers or event guests will love, tote bags offer the perfect option. They can survive many uses and even last for years, which is beneficial both to the people who receive them and to your brand. Every time someone uses a bag with your logo or design on it, others will see it and might remember your name or be reminded of your brand. A tote bag can also serve as a reminder for a great event that attendees will remember every time they use the bag.

We offer a broad selection of non-woven tote bags for you to print with your logo or design to help you achieve your promotional goals. With perks like our rush service and low minimum orders, you can order the bags that you want in no time and choose the style that will work best for your objective. Get in touch with us using our quote form or contact us through email or phone if you're in a hurry.