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Calico Bags

Custom Printed Calico Bags & Library Bags

When it comes to inexpensive promotional items, Calico Bags perform better than other comparably priced items. They are popular for advertising businesses, products, non-profit organisations, teams, and more. Plus, they're simple to create. Just choose one or more logo or brand to place on the bag, and let the professionals do the rest. Enquire now for a rapid quote & free virtual mockup delivered right to your inbox.
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Promotional library bags that don't harm the environment

Jute bags, calico bags, and other promotional bags are more likely to be reused than most giveaway items. They can be used for corporate wine gifts, shopping, heading out on day trips, and more. That means they'll continue to achieve results long after the event is over.

Branding options for days

Screen Printed Calico Tote bags come in a wide variety of styles, last longer than reusable bags, and are more versatile than most inexpensive promotional items. This makes them a perfect gift for trade shows, conventions, and other mass-marketing events. Promotional calico bags can help any business get a leg up on competitors. While they are giving away keychains and pens that will be seen once and end up in someone's pocket, smart business owners are thinking about the bigger picture. All those keychains and pens have to end up somewhere. The company or organisation offering the promotional bags that can hold them all is at an advantage since their advertising won't end up immediately hidden away.

Choose the right message to promote to your clients

The design or logo chosen for printing is extremely important. It's a good idea to keep the bag itself simple, sticking to one or two colours. The logo, on the other hand, should stand out. The point of promotional bags is to grab the attention of potential customers or clients. The best way to do so is by making sure the logo takes center-stage in the design. Including details such as a company website can also help point new customers in the right direction.

Why choose Dynamic Gift for your calico bags?

By choosing one of the premier sellers of custom-printed promotional items in Australia to print their first order of custom bags, company owners can take advantage of on-going discounts. The first order will include setup costs for designing the bag. For subsequent orders, the setup costs will be free. Volume based pricing means that companies are able to reach a much wider audience by distributing more products at a reasonable price, so ask for a custom quote today.