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Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and there’s never been a more exciting time to launch a startup or a tech business in Australia. At Dynamic Gift, we understand the value of giving away promotional products to promote new ventures and attract new clients. If you’re looking to create a buzz, we’ve put together a fantastic collection of technology promotional products. Our team are available right now so take advantage of our hands free service: simply send us a list of products you are interested in and our team will reply with a fully comprehensive quote and a 100% no obligation artwork sample.

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  • 1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads-20
    1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads
  • Smart Webcam Cover-20
    Smart Webcam Cover
  • Sliding Webcam Cover-20
    Sliding Webcam Cover
  • DG001 Steel Car Mug-20
    DG001 Steel Car Mug
  • 3mm Neoprene Soft Top-20
    3mm Neoprene Soft Top
  • Bespoke PVC USB Drives-20
    Bespoke PVC USB Drives
  • Plastic Web Key-20
    Plastic Web Key
  • Printed Sticky Phone Wallets-20
    Printed Sticky Phone Wallets
  • The Slimline Power Bank-20
    The Slimline Power Bank
  • Maximus Wireless Charger/Power Bank-20
    Maximus Wireless Charger/Power Bank
  • Bespoke PVC Pop Phone Holder-20
    Bespoke PVC Pop Phone Holder
  • Polygon Wireless Charging Pad-20
    Polygon Wireless Charging Pad
  • Thermo Coffee Mug-20
    Thermo Coffee Mug
  • USB Web Key-20
    USB Web Key
  • Anti Loss Key Finder-20
    Anti Loss Key Finder
  • Smartphone Strap-20
    Smartphone Strap
  • 800mL Promotional Sports Bottle-20
    800mL Promotional Sports Bottle
  • Stretch Pop Up Banner-20
    Stretch Pop Up Banner
  • Printed Polyester Lanyards-20
    Printed Polyester Lanyards
  • Standard Badge Pullers-20
    Standard Badge Pullers
  • Classic Can Mug-20
    Classic Can Mug
  • Carnival 2 Tone Mug-20
    Carnival 2 Tone Mug
  • Stretch Zip Table Cloth-20
    Stretch Zip Table Cloth
  • Feather Flag Banners-20
    Feather Flag Banners
  • Full Colour Phone Fast Charging Pad-20
    Full Colour Phone Fast Charging Pad

Set Descending Direction

25 Item(s)

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Tech giveaway

Giveaways and promotional items are an excellent way to attract attention, promote your brand, and let people know what you’re selling and who you are. The most important consideration when choosing what kinds of items to hand out is the target market. What types of products are your customers going to want? What are people buying with the technology industry at the moment? Which items will gain the most exposure? With these questions in mind, we’ve come up with some ideas to put your business firmly on the map.

The best technology promotional products

Anyone who has an interest in tech and innovation will love a gadget that not only serves a purpose, but also injects an element of fun. To tick all the boxes and ensure your company stands out from the crowd, we recommend these funky, functional promotional items:

  • Key finders
  • Mouse pads
  • Webcam covers
  • Wireless charging pads
  • Phone holders and wallets
  • Web keys
  • USB sticks and drives
  • Power banks
  • Lanyards
  • Sports bottles
  • Mugs

We can customise any product, so why not get in touch with us today and enquire for a free quote and a no obligation artwork proof?