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Retractable badge reels, ID pullers, zingers, wizzers. They have dozens of names, but they all serve one purpose and that is convenient identification carrying for your staff, contractors or visitors. Our retractable badge reels are produced from quality components, most styles feature a 60cm pull length and all pullers available custom branded with your logo or plain for added security. Contact us now for a 100% free quote and our team will provide today's best wholesale pricing!

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The promotional items business organisations brand and distribute at tech and trade shows and to their loyal client base say so much about their organisation and their capabilities. For this and many other reasons it’s imperative to leave nothing to chance when arranging branded items like badge and pen pullers, handy items that are useful and offer value to the recipients they’re distributed to. Dynamic Gift has a wide range of badge pullers, pen pullers and similar items that are perfect for your corporate and promotional needs.

Enhance the Visibility of Your Brand

Brand awareness, i.e. the process of increasing awareness of a business brand in the minds of consumers, is an important aspect of business promotion and promotional items like bottle opener and custom shape pullers are an excellent choice because they’re easily branded with your business name, logo or both. These items will effectively aid your brand awareness efforts as they’re useful and will therefore be used time and time again, plus as they’re suitable for an impressively wide array of environments they’ll garner maximum exposure for your brand and help to keep it at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

Conveying a Positive Impression

As custom promotional items bear your brand and logo for the world to see they must be of a particularly high quality so as to convey a positive impression of your business to those they’re distributed to. Dynamic Gift’s range of metal ID and plastic printed pullers are perfect for your promotional needs as they’re of a high quality and designed with durability in mind. As a result, you needn’t worry about failing to make a positive impression upon those whom you give out promotional items to because these items are designed to last and be used time and time again.

For Your Employees Also

Of the many wonderful things about promotional items like badge and card pullers that provide value, the fact that they not only make outstanding promotional gifts but are also useful to your employees is certainly of note. By providing your employees with custom-designed badge and card pullers to enhance the ease of security checks at your place of business, you’ll not only enhance workplace productivity, but you’ll also get your business brand noticed when your employees order a latte at a café on their lunch breaks or catch the bus to and from work.

Tech and Trade Shows

A mistake many business organisations have made when hosting booths and stalls at Australian tech and trade shows is failing to distribute branded items that are useful to recipients. However, by handing out retractable badge reels & pullers emblazoned with your brand and logo you’re giving out items that recipients have need of, and not only at a later point in time but right there at the trade show. Therefore, if you’re looking for bespoke promotional items that will garner maximum exposure for your business brand, look no further than our wide range of customisable badge and card pullers.

Retractable Badge Reels from Dynamic Gift: Convenience Meets Reliability

At Dynamic Gift, we offer a wide and wonderful selection of retractable badge reels. Also known as badge reels, ID pullers, zingers or wizzers, these handy tools are essential for convenient identification carrying for your staff, contractors or visitors.

Our retractable badge reels are made from superior-quality components and come in a variety of styles. Most styles feature a 60cm pull length, providing plenty of flexibility for use. Also, all pullers can be custom branded with your logo or left plain for added security.

We understand that every company has unique needs, and yours is no different, which is why we offer such a huge variety to choose from. Our friendly, expert team can help you select the right style for your needs, no matter how simple or complex those needs are. Whether you're looking for nurse badge reels or custom-branded options for your business, we’ll have the badge solution that enhances the efficiency of your company.

At Dynamic Gift, we're committed to providing the best possible service and value. That's why we offer competitive wholesale pricing on all our retractable badge reels. Give us a call today for a 100% free quote and find out how we can help improve your company’s ID needs so that it runs smoothly, efficiently and safely.