Plastic ID Card Holders For Event & Conference Security

ID card holders are essential items for events and conferences. Maintaining security is important for the safety of your guests and the integrity of the building too. Plastic ID card holders can also be useful for the everyday running of your business, ensuring that your staff can protect their ID cards and always gain access to their workplace when they need it. Our plastic ID tag holders encourage event guests and staff to keep their ID cards close to them, helping to maintain security and prevent problems caused by lost cards.


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    Overseeing a large event or conference can involve a lot of different things, including maintaining security for the location. With both staff members and attendees going in and out, it's essential that the right people have the correct access to the areas that they need to use. It's of equal importance that anyone who shouldn't have access to a certain area isn't able to gain entry. Our hard plastic ID card holders protect cards from damage, with the possibility for a range of attachments. Choose clip-on ID holders, armbands or combine them with a choice of lanyards and other attachments.

    Selecting the best ID holders for your event

    There are many things to consider if you want to select the right ID card holders for your events. You should think about how often people will need to use their ID and how easily accessible they need to be. An armband ID card holder is an excellent option if the card is being used regularly and it doesn't make sense to keep putting it away and taking it out. A clip-on ID card holder puts an ID card on display so that it can be seen at all times. This not only helps with security but can also make introductions and conversations easier at a busy event.

    You might also want to consider how many IDs one person might carry. Some people will need more than one for secure entry into different places. Double-sided, multi-fit ID holders are ideal for this purpose, allowing for multiple IDs to be carried in the same holder. They offer a tough protective cover for security IDs, credentials and other essential information that might need to be shown at any time. A durable cover for IDs is needed to keep cards in good condition and ensure that both the card and the protective holder can last for longer.

    Our selection of plastic ID card holders for event and conference security gives you a broad choice of styles to select from. Most of the ID holders that we offer are made with clear plastic for easy visibility and can work with a number of different attachments, from lanyards to clips. The choice of styles makes it easy for you to choose the plastic ID card holders that work or your requirements, offering affordable prices and fast service.

    Take a look at our range of plastic ID tag holders to find the style that suits your needs for your event.