Custom Inflatable Furniture, Delivered Fast

What better way to get customers, clients, employees, vendors and anyone else you want to make an impression on relaxing into your brand (literally) than with our huge range of custom branded inflatable furniture? Our combination of bold design flair and passion for quality we’ve created a range of custom inflatable furniture pieces including inflatable lounge chairs, inflatable cushions and pillows, inflatable stadium cushions, inflatable event tables, inflatable chair sets and inflatable lazy beds.

With these comfortable and eye-catching products, all of which can be completely customised to accommodate your branding, you can catch all the right eyes at a wide range of events...


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    Do you devote hours of every day wondering how you can further grow your brand? Do you devote lengthy brainstorming sessions to how you can build value into your brand to boost customer retention and make your business more appealing to prospective customers all over Australia? You’re not alone. Virtually all businesses are sitting in offices and boardrooms all over Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond right now grappling with these very same issues…

    Including Your Competitors.

    The people in your target market only have so much attention to go around and they’re deluged with marketing materials from brands all day every day. So much so that it’s likely that they screen most of it out. The question, then, is how can you reach consumers who are sick of the sight of advertising copy while getting a leading edge over your competitors? Branded materials are a great way of getting a head start on this… But you don’t want to associate your brand with any old branded materials. Lanyards, baseball caps, mugs and t-shirts are all well and good but you want something extra special to make an impression. And believe us...

    Make A Big Splash At Trade Shows

    Trade shows are a great networking opportunity and a wonderful place to draw attention to your brand. As you tour Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the rest of Australia bringing brand awareness to the masses you’ll always stand out and make a big splash.

    Make Events Go With A Bang (But Not A Pop!)

    Whether it’s a huge sale or the anniversary of your first year in business, an event is a great way to touch base with important clientele and create a positive buzz around your brand. What better way to do this than encouraging your customers to relax in a branded chair with a free drink?

    Make Your Next Conference Stand Out

    Let’s face it, conferences can be a pretty dry and boring affair. Why not take the opportunity to inject a little fun into the proceedings while also creating positive associations with your brand? Conduct your businesses in inflatable branded chairs and you can expect to stand out in the minds of clients, vendors, shareholders and anyone else you want to make an impression upon.

    Full Colour Custom Branding

    We’re very aware of just how much time, effort and endeavour goes into designing a branding concept. We also understand just how disastrous it can be when your logo doesn’t translate as well in physical media to how it looks on your website. We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your brand which is why we offer full-colour custom branding to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

    We get that it can be frustrating when flying blind, so we offer our customers a free artwork service that delivers fast, free and accurate virtual samples. No unwelcome surprises. No disappointments. Just the consistency and quality that your brand deserves!

    Why Choose Dynamic Gift?

    We’re a family-owned business that’s been delivering quality printed materials to businesses of all shapes and sizes all over Australia since 2005. Our operation has expanded and evolved quite a bit over the years but we have never given up on the ideals and principles that keep our customers coming back to us time and again. We’re obsessed with bringing you the very best quality in design and manufacture at a price you won’t believe. In fact, if you find a lower price anywhere in Australia for a stocked product we guarantee that we will beat it!

    We’ve gone to great steps to streamline our processes to bring you faster lead times and superior quality. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including HP, Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana, Samsung, Ericsson and Google. They were delighted with our quality and service… And you will be too! Get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote. We can’t wait to help your brand to reach new heights!