Custom Inflatable Blimps & Advertising Shapes

Get a completely custom designed inflatable display for your shop front, or why not take one of our awesome inflatables to an event to promote a new product or service. They setup in minutes and can be moved around from event to event with ease. A high powered, compact blower unit inflates the item for you so there is no messing around on the big day! No other company can design, produce and then deliver a customised inflatable item like this in record time and at the prices we offer! Browse options below.


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    Are you looking for ways to boost the power of your business promotion? You might want to consider using our custom advertising balloons, ideal for businesses all over Australia keen to attract interest and get people talking about your brand. Why use custom advertising balloons as part of your business promotion?

    Well, it’s a great way to draw attention to your company, even from far away. So, if you’re hoping to increase foot traffic or get more customers through the door, these balloons could be a fantastic way to do it. As well as this, the balloons move which immediately draws the eyeline towards them, ensuring people spot messages or notice the logo of your business brand.

    You won’t be disappointed with the brilliant balloons we sell either. These custom branded products are produced to the highest quality level to make sure that they do provide the impact that you want. Ultimately, this means that whether you’re hoping clients will take a few homes or you just want to use them as marketing props, you’ll be well equipped with our products.

    Custom Branding To Meet Your Needs

    There’s no point in using plain balloons in your business when instead you can use the fully branded products that we provide. These can be completely customised for your needs. That means that they can include everything from logos to hashtags, messages and much more. These can be as large or as small as you like and you’ll be able to decide on exactly how much surface area you want your brand to take upon the balloons purchased. As such, you’ll be able to determine how subtle you need your marketing promotion to be.

    As well as being able to choose different logos and designs, we do full-colour custom branding. Make sure your marketing pops with these bright, beautiful balloons. Are you unsure whether you’ve picked the right design and colour contrast? We’ll be happy to provide you with a virtual example before we put your balloons in products and ship them to any business in Sydney or Melbourne.

    Easy To Use And Set Up

    We know that you want to be able to get your promotional materials up and operational in minutes. That’s why we are pleased to say that these balloons have a 5-10 minute set up time. After that, they’ll be ready to show off to any clients or investors that you need to impress in your business. Are you worried that you won’t have all the materials you need to get these balloons up the right way? Well, fear not because all hardware required for setup is supplied with the balloons to your address in Brisbane or Melbourne. As such, you won’t have to worry about needing to make extra purchases or not being able to get the marketing you need ready.

    High Quality Standard

    We know that you want nothing less than the best for your business. You don’t want a product with a faded print or something that doesn’t really catch attention. You need your custom branded products to have the perfect attention to detail and that’s exactly what we deliver. We put all our custom advertising balloons through intense quality checks. If they don’t match the high level of quality we adhere to, they won’t be shipped to your company. It really is as simple as that.

    As well as working to make sure that the design is up to a level you can trust, we also work hard to deliver balloons that are durable and will last. We know there’s nothing worse than providing balloons as free merch to clients and then finding they pop or go down minutes later. This won’t happen with our products. They are durable enough to stay up for days without weakening or starting to sag.

    Further, then this, we are also delighted to say that these products are priced to provide fantastic value for money. If you’re looking for the best custom advertising balloons in Australia for the lowest possible prices, your search is over. We have all the products that you need. We keep our processes efficient and then pass the savings onto you to help you keep marketing costs tight and under control.

    Are you interested in learning more about the products we sell? Why not contact us today so we can provide you with the right order of balloons that you need? We can also help you design the perfect print for your branded product to make sure it certainly boosts your marketing campaigns to new heights.