Custom Branded Silicone Kitchen & Home Accessories

Some promotional items are most useful in the office, but others are perfectly suited for home use. If you're looking for promotional items that are ideal for consumers rather than business people, kitchen accessories are the perfect fit. Silicone kitchen accessories allow you to print your logo or design onto them, and they're flexible, heatproof and hygienic. We have a range of silicone items for kitchens, including oven gloves, tea infusers, cups and ice trays. We can help you to find the ideal promotional items for your customers and their kitchens.


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    The interest in cooking shows and homemade food, including baking, has risen in the last few years. Everyone wants to get back to the old way of doing things by making their own food from scratch. But this time, they want to do it with all of the new tools and gadgets that are now available to use in the kitchen. Silicone kitchen accessories are perfect examples of some of the new things that people can use. Silicone is a tough material that can be used for a huge range of purposes. Food-safe silicone can be used to hold drinks, bake cakes, stir food, and much more. It has excellent heatproof properties, making it ideal for items like oven gloves.

    Many different businesses might consider the use of silicone kitchen accessories when thinking of ideas for promotional items. If your business is part of the food industry, they of course seem like natural items. Restaurants, cookery schools, food stores and many others might make use of kitchen accessories as promotional items. However, you might also want to consider their use in other industries. They could be good gifts for anyone with a home brand of any kind, or really any business that wants to give their customers a quality product.

    Highly usable and bound to remain in peoples homes

    Silicone kitchen accessories can be used over and over again. They are highly durable and can stamp up to heat and plenty of use. A promotional item that can be used many times over will continually remind the user of your brand. Simply choose to have your name, logo or a branded design on your kitchen accessories, and they could spend years in some people's homes. Our free art design service makes it simple for you to have any design that you want so that you can add a memorable design to your kitchen accessories.

    When you choose from our range of silicone kitchen accessories, you can select your favourite products and choose from a number of different colours. Consider what your customers would like best so that you can give them something truly useful. Whether you want to give items away at an event or even sell them to your customers, we can create affordable silicone kitchen accessories for your requirements. Take a look at the options that we have available to choose the best one for your brand. We can help you to find the most suitable option and choose a design.