Branded Cheese Boards Make Great Corporate Gifts

As a business, it is important to find the best possible products to choose for branding. Now while cheese boards may not spring to mind as a promotional product remember they are something that will remain in the home of your clients and staff reminding them of your brand. We offer options such as printing or heat stamping of your logo and contact details on to all of our cheese boards. Contact us for a no obligation quote and a free artwork proof prior to finalising your order.


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    It can be difficult and frustrating building your brand in the marketplace of the 21st century. Competition has never been more rife, or more cutthroat. With so many brands out there vying for your customers’ attention and loyalty. The average person is subjected to new fewer than 5,000 ads every single day. We as a society have become so inured to advertising that very often we screen it out and barely even notice it. With this in mind, businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether international or strictly limited to the suburbs of Melbourne or Brisbane, must think long and hard about how they can make their brand stand out.

    Branded materials can be a great way of boosting brand recognition. Whether you’re dealing with promising new leads or high-end customers whom you’re keen to retain, everyone wants a little something for nothing. Brand materials are a great way to do exactly that. However, it’s not enough simply to use them, it’s essential to have the right branded materials. The kind that is congruent with the essence and quality of your brand. Do you really want your brand to be associated with a ballpoint pen that’s always running out of ink? Or the chipped tea stained mug in the break room? Thought not! Our high-quality branded cheese boards and accessories are the perfect way to reward customer loyalty while also associating your brand with a useful and high-quality product.

    Creating Positive Associations… One Cracker At A Time

    None of us wants our brand to be associated with that pen that runs dry when you need it most or the faded t-shirt that we only wear when we don’t want to get curry stains on something nice. The great thing about our branded cheese boards and accessories is that you can have your logo in the eyes and minds of your clientele every time they reach for a delicious snack! By putting your logo on the following high-quality products you can build positive associations for your brand for years to come. Check out our quality range including;

    • Bamboo cheese board sets
    • Wooden cheese board gift sets
    • 5-4 and 3 piece wooden cheese board sets

    Keep Your Brand In Their Kitchen, Keep It In Their Minds And Hearts

    Getting through to your clients can be hard, especially in an arena when they’re bombarded by adverts for competing brands and products. The beauty of these high quality branded products is that your brand is on their home turf. Aside from a welcome gift, your customers get an ever-present reminder of how much you value them. This generates value for your customers in each and every transaction and increases the value of your brand in their minds. With your branded cheese boards in kitchen drawers and cupboards all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and wherever else your products are sold, you’ll be well on your way to creating a ubiquitous brand.
    These products are also a great way to reward employee achievement and demonstrate just how much you value them and the contribution that they make to your ongoing success.

    Full-Colour Custom Branding

    If there’s one thing that no business wants, it’s for their brand to be misrepresented in their physical materials. As much as you don’t want your brand to be associated with a shoddy product, you also don’t want it to come across in an unflattering or misrepresentative way. We understand the importance of your brand to you, just as we appreciate the time, effort, imagination and expense incurred in creating a logo and branding concept that is not only visually compelling but a neat microcosm of your business and all that it stands for.

    Hence, we offer full-colour custom branding on our cheese boards and accessories as well everything else in our comprehensive range of custom branded products, to preserve the essence of your brand and ensure that it looks as great on your cheese boards as it does on your website. What’s more, with our free artwork service, you can now get a fast, free and accurate virtual sample that will show you exactly how your brand will look on your cheese boards.

    Why Choose Dynamic Gift?

    We’re an Australian owned and run family business delivering the highest quality branded materials to businesses all over Australia since we first opened our doors in 2005. Over the years we’ve made our processes more streamlined and efficient to bring you faster lead times and quicker turnarounds on an unparalleled range of products. Most of our cheese boards can be with you within 10 days with our rush service (minimum unit restrictions apply).

    We’re don’t think that we can be beaten on price, either. In fact, if you find a lower price anywhere in Australia for a stocked product and we guarantee that we will beat it! We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including HP, Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana, Samsung, Ericsson and Google. They continue to be delighted with our quality and service… Just as you will be! Get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote. We can’t wait to help your brand to reach new heights!