Customised Promotional Wood Power Banks Delivered Fast

Our wooden custom power banks look great and they're better for the environment than plastic or metal power banks. They offer a great way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst also being able to charge your device whilst out and about. Custom brand your wood power bank with your very own logo. Contact our team today.


    Whilst printed cups, shirts, and key-rings are the first things that come to mind when one thinks of promotional products, there are thousands of other options available. Many companies in Australia are turning to wooden power banks as promo items because they're highly customisable and useful to customers, employees, and clients alike. Almost everyone has a mobile phone or tablet these days, and eventually, they'll need a power source because their battery has run flat. Wooden phone chargers from Dynamic Gift fulfil that need and provide the other benefits we've listed below.

    Providing a New Marketing Strategy

    Although key-chains, pens, tea mugs, and other promo items are still effective, they're just not right for some companies, especially those in the tech field. When companies use our custom branded wooden phone chargers, they'll impress their audiences and keep the brand first and foremost in their minds. There's just no better marketing strategy for companies in Sydney.

    Easy Use and Portability

    In our tech experience, we've found that lightweight, small, useful, and easy-to-carry items are those with the greatest potential impact. When a client, customer, or employee gets something like one of our custom branded wooden power banks, they're more likely to keep it, and they'll be reminded of the company with every use. Our power banks are a great conversation starter as well; when others see them in use, they become a powerful advertising tool. Call us today to find out how we can help you make a great impression with our customised wooden phone chargers.

    Offering a Quick Solution

    In most instances, when a mobile user's battery is running flat, finding a mains plug can be difficult. However, our wooden power banks can help them save energy, time, and frustration. Furthermore, portable chargers can provide power to multiple devices in a short amount of time, which makes them useful during long workdays and on Brisbane business trips.

    Adaptable, Customisable Power Providers

    Unlike mains plugs, USB and portable chargers are guaranteed to be compatible with the latest phones and tablets. Not all plugs are alike, and when an Australian is out of the country, they may not have the right adapter. However, wooden power banks from Dynamic Gift are a universal power source that works no matter where the user may be.

    Battery Type Options

    There are two battery types used in promotional power banks: lithium ion and lithium polymer. Of the two, lithium ion batteries are more common. They have an increased energy density, but they may lose capacity with time. On the other hand, lithium polymer batteries have a lesser energy density, and they cost more to manufacture, but they last longer. Talk to the pros at Dynamic Gift to find the right wooden power banks for your Melbourne promo efforts. The team at Dynamic Gift is proud to offer a variety of tech solutions for your marketing needs. Our custom branded wooden power banks are a great way to build a brand, and they're sure to leave recipients with a great impression. Call us today for pricing information.