Stretch Marquee

These stretch fabric displays are brilliant for sectioning off your expo booth, they offer a very vibrant, slick design option for people wanting to be seen above their competitors at any event or trade show. A hard wearing aluminium tube frame is skinned in ultra rich, full colour printed stretch material which is interchangeable and replaceable making them brilliant for multiple events. They are extremely portable and easy to set up in only minutes. Enquire now for a 100% Free mockup and a no obligation quote in minutes.


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    Are you looking for a fantastic way to make sure that your business stands out at a tradeshow or that your brand gets all the attention at your next exhibition. Then, you should definitely consider using our branded stretch archways. The unique shape and aesthetically appealing, colourful design are sure to catch the interest of anyone passing by, guaranteeing your time at the expo is a huge hit!

    Completely Customised For Any Brand

    Do you want to show off your business logo, name or perhaps even a hashtag? With full-colour custom branding, we can make sure that any stretch archways you are purchasing are perfect for individual needs and requirements. Order in bulk and you can have one at every entrance and exit of your expo. With these in place, your brand will be the first thing people think about when they walk in and the last thing they remember when they leave.

    Over the years, we have provided full-colour custom branding for a variety of different business clients and made sure that their product looked absolutely fantastic. We know how important it is to get attention and that’s why you’ll find that our products are vibrant and dynamic to the point where they simply can’t help but draw attention away from the competition. Get in touch and tell us exactly what branding you’d like on your brand new stretch archways. We’ll be happy to assist you in creating the ultimate design that will really pop at any event.

    Use Them At Multiple Events Through The Year

    Marketing materials can be expensive but we aim to make it easy and affordable for all companies. How do we do this? Our fantastic stretch fabric archways have interchangeable skins for multiple events. This means that you can use the product again and again with different logos, images and displays every time. By doing this you can save a fortune on the setup and purchases needed when you set up an expose with your company. In the past, our custom branded products have been used all over Australia and businesses have seen tremendous levels of success using them again and again. With our product, you really can get more for less when you invest in marketing materials for your business.

    Easy Setup

    We know how irritating it can be when marketing materials take forever to set up. We’re sure you’ve experienced your fair share of fidgety products with plenty of different pieces and parts that need to be put in place. We aim to break the mould here with our products that only have a 5-19 min set up time. That means you can get the product up and ready in no time so that you can focus on other areas of your marketing campaign. This is going to save you from a lot of stress when you’re preparing for a new expo or trade show with your company.

    You might have also found that in the past you have bought the marketing materials only to discover you need extra materials to get it to work. That’s not the case with our stretch fabric archways. With our products, all the hardware required to set up is supplied to you so that your promotional material is ready to go straight out of the box!

    Straight To Your Door

    Are you worried you won’t be able to get your promotional materials when you need them for your big expo? Rest assured we keep our turnaround time fast with an efficient service and work hard to deliver exactly what our customers need when they need them. We can deliver all over from Sydney to Melbourne in record time and make sure that you are always ready and prepared for your next expo.

    Durable And Tough

    Are you worried about damaging your promotional material? If you are lugging a sign to different expos all across Brisbane, it’s understandable that you might be fearful of wear and tear. Even with our budget beating prices, we know you’ll want your archway to last as long as possible. That’s why we use the best material and a unique design to ensure that there’s no need to worry. In fact, even with heavy use, you’ll find our products look as good as new every time you put them up for a trade show or exhibition. Are you interested in learning more about these products? Get in touch today and discover the massive difference that they could bring to any business marketing campaign. With these archways, your business will be seen by all the right sets of eyes.

    Stretch Marquees from Dynamic Gift: Striking and Unique

    If you're looking for an eye-catching way to separate your expo booth from the rest, one of our stretch marquees or archways is the perfect solution. These feature sleek, modern designs that are sure to make your booth stand out at any event or trade show.

    Constructed with a hard-wearing aluminium tube frame, these marquees are covered in a rich, full-colour printed stretch material that can be easily replaced or changed to suit your needs. Whether you're looking to create a stretch marquee or stretch archway, all our designs are fully customisable and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

    One of the major benefits of our stretch marquees is their portability. They can be easily transported and set up in just minutes, making them an ideal choice for businesses that are constantly on the go. Plus, with the choice to interchange and replace the stretch material, they’re perfect for multiple events.

    At Dynamic Gift, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. That's why we offer a 100% free mockup and a no-obligation quote in minutes. Enquire now and see how our stretch marquees can help your company become the MVP of your next expo.