Star Marquees

This is mainly because of the range of options on offer at Dynamic Gift from our range of small folding tents such as the single pole star shade to our range of massive event tents such as the double pole star shade. We really do have tents and marquees for every occasion and we can cover the needs of everyone. Our range of Star Marquees and Domes offer our customers a practical, safe and stylish shading solution- essential for keeping people safe and cool in the hot and sticky summer months, and equally great for the cooler winter months when rain is often just around the corner.


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    A great aspect of the range of tents at Dynamic Gift is that they can be specifically designed and branded with a company logo or message, which means that not only do they offer an awesome practical solution for the weather, but they can also be great for advertising. Extreme Marquees Star Shades have been carefully designed so that they look exciting and are super distinctive. Their unique shape not only ensures that they stand out in a crowd, but also ensures that they offer the best shade and protection possible from the harsh summer sunshine. The Star Shades come in a variety of eye-catching colours and as a result they can transform almost any outdoor space into a sheltered and comfortable living area! Brilliant for parties, weddings, and other outdoor gatherings.

    What are the options?

    Star Marquees are available in both single and double pole formats and they come in a variety of sizes- ideal for any sized garden, or outdoor space. The marquees are also available in a heavy duty PVC or a lighter weight polyester fabric, and as both of these specially designed fabrics can be fully printed and offer the highest ultra violet rating- you can market your business whichever option you go for.

    We always put all of our products through intense fire resistance and water penetration tests to ensure that meet all Australian safety standards. This means that you can rest assured that the marquee that you buy is safe, and in line with safety laws in Australia.

    The unbranded and unprinted marquees on offer from are fantastic for schools or sporting clubs that need instant shade on a tight turnaround time, at a really affordable price. A great additional feature that can be added is side walls. This great accessory can be bought with the tent, and can be easily attached to keep out the harsh sunlight or shelter against wind and rain. Additionally, as all of the shades on offer from us can also fold away into a compact space and can be easily transported in most small vehicles which makes them the ideal shade and shelter solution for your next event.

    As mentioned, printed Star Marquees are perfect for promoting your business. For example, many real estate agencies have purchased our star tents and have loaned them to schools, clubs and organisers of local events in order to advertise their company, and also provide shade and shelter for the event. The marquees are also great advertising for sporting clubs, charities and non profits too.

    Above, you will find links to pages with more information about our different star and dome tents. Please contact us if you would like any more information on any of our products. We will be happy to help!

    What makes our Products different from the competition?

    All of our star tents are dye sublimation printed, the material is dyed with your design. Not printed, while the branding is still sharp and crystal clear. It won't wear off with repeated use, our tents also 2 year UV warranty and we always use UV resist inks and coat them with a special protective layer that locks in the design. This means that unlike many other tent brands currently available on the market, those from our range will look great throughout their entire working life. The liquid seal that is used by Dynamic gift allows for easy cleaning of the marquees, and also ensures that stains can be easily removed- ideal for marquees that are used at events frequently. All of this is done in our advanced factory where design and produce all of our high quality marquees, tents and gazebos.

    What is more, if you have a particular design in mind, and are looking for something that stands out from the competition, we can certainly make it for you! This is a unique aspect of Dynamic Gift, that we think helps us to stand out from the crowd! We have a complete in house graphic design team that are able to craft you a complete design. Our marketing director has 10 years promotional experience and is well versed in create promotional products that help convert visitors to clients.

    Dome Marquees are one of our more popular ranges, yet we have still been able to develop a variety of applications. Our dome tents have been used as for all kinds of applications, at events and trade shows with mining equipment parked under them, parties held inside, they have been used as spray booths and demonstration halls. Even in the snow as an emergency centre.

    The dome tents are designed using exceptionally strong and robust powder coated steel frames. Their geometrical design allows them to be used in many different locations and environments that other standard marquees cannot. The frame is made from interlocking cross sections, giving the structure its incredible strength. Star domes are available from as small as 6m diameter up to a massive 24m diameter. Special entrances can be made that interlock one dome to another, completely sealing out the environment and elements. The dome tent cover is made from our heavy duty PVC and it comes in a large variety of vibrant colours.

    Star Marquees from Dynamic Gift: The Perfect Way to Shine

    At Dynamic Gift, we take pride in offering our customers a wide range of options when it comes to tents and marquees. Our star shades and tents are no exception, offering a unique and eye-catching design that is perfect for a wide range of occasions. From outdoor festivals and concerts to corporate events and trade shows, our star marquees and domes are sure to make an impression.

    In addition to their stylish design, our star tents and shade structures are also incredibly practical and safe. They offer a reliable shading solution, protecting people from the sun's harmful rays and keeping them cool and comfortable in the summer months. Similarly, In the cooler winter months, our star marquees and domes are equally effective at keeping people dry and warm, supplying shelter from rain and wind.

    Our star shade marquees are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. From small single pole star shades to large double pole star shades, we have a variety of products to accommodate your needs. We also offer custom branding options, allowing you to display your company logo or branding on the surface of the marquee or dome.

    If you’re after an efficient and memorable way to promote your brand or company, why not check out the range of star marquees and tents from Dynamic Gift? We offer a practical and stylish solution for any event or occasion, no matter whether it’s a small outdoor gathering or large corporate event.