Custom manufactured, branded dome tents

5 Minute set up time, full colour branded. This will really stand out from any marquee or tent at any event. Free design service to help ensure you get the dome you are after. Enquire today for a FREE quote and mock up today.


    Event domes are one of the best ways to put on a professional outdoor display, and most Sydney companies can benefit from their use. If a business owner hasn’t yet thought of using such a tent, or if they want to try something different, they should consider the following tips on using event tents.

    Pop-up Tents at Outdoor Events

    Domes and pop-up tents are widely used at outdoor and indoor events. They’re relatively simple in their construction, being composed of a canopy held aloft by posts. These tents are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and canopies can be customised with a customer’s branded graphics. Whether it’s a farmer’s market or Melbourne street fair, their proportions make them simple to display in a variety of ways.

    Promoting Events and Sales

    In some cases, it’s quite hard to advertise an indoor event. While signage is helpful, event domes can really reinforce the message. These tents offer a creative marketing solution that draws customers in, whether they’re driving or on foot. Use a tent as an information kiosk to direct customers toward the indoor event or offer promotional items to grab customers’ attention and keep it.

    Building a Brand

    If a business owner is looking for a way to build a brand and gain repeat business, inflatable tents create a unique visual presence. Their high visibility draws the eyes of curious onlookers, no matter where they’re set up. With custom branded event domes, small-business brand building becomes much easier.

    Protection From the Elements

    While show shells and event domes work equally well at outdoor and indoor events, they’re particularly beneficial outside. If an event takes place on a windy or rainy day, the tent will make customers prefer certain displays over others.

    Making a Splash, Inside and Out

    Action tents are ideal for outdoor and sporting events. Their strong steel bases make them very sturdy, and they offer guests more room to move around and mingle. Furthermore, they require a substantial amount of material that can be customised to match a company’s marketing message. By adding text, logos, and messages to an event dome, companies can make their brands more visible and create an entertaining, engaging advertising solution. These visually compelling tents are great for indoor displays as well. At conventions and trade shows, which are generally more flexible as far as display types and formats are concerned, event domes can help clients set themselves apart from the competition.

    The Final Word

    Almost any type of business in Australia can benefit from the use of event domes as part of their promotion and advertising efforts. Far from being a single-use unit, an event tent gives companies ample promotional opportunities at street fairs, trade shows, sporting events, and more. With a range of colours, styles, and shapes, these displays can be used inside and out in endlessly creative ways. For more information on our products and services, or to request a quote on one or more event domes, call us at Dynamic Gift today.