Did you know that lanyards are some of the most versatile and useful promotional items your company can use?

Lanyards are amazing marketing tools as they can be used by almost anyone, and actually, function as holders for many items used every day.

Examples of what a lanyard can hold include keys, credit cards, membership cards, and IDs.

This makes them ideal to travel with, as they make frequented items easy to access.

These useful promotional tools are also great because they are economical, and cost a small fraction of their potential value in advertising your brand.

Additionally, they are easily customizable to your specifications and can be used at almost any outreach event.

Still not completely convinced that a lanyard makes an ideal promotional item? Check out these eight unique ways to wear them.

1. Lanyards Can Be Worn Like a Purse

A lanyard worn as a purse is incredibly convenient, especially when you are on your way home.

Simply through it over your shoulder on one side, and when it as a purse until you reach when you are going.

2. Put it in Your Pocket


This is one of the most common ways to wear a lanyard. This is because it is customizable to your personal style.

You could either let the lanyard hang from your pocket, and better advertise your brand, or tuck it into the pocket to make it less likely to catch out on anything.

3. Hang it from Your Bag

Hanging it from your bag will allow you to quickly access your keys or cards, without digging into the abyss of your purse, messager bag, or laptop case.

All you do is loop it through the handle, and never lose these items again! Best yet, this method optimizing the marketing benefits of a lanyard.

4. Through Your Belt Loop

Loop the lanyard through one of your belt loops and allow it hang down to easily unlock any doors in your daily life.

5. Wear it as a Sash

This method is reminiscent of cub scout or girl scout days. It may not be super stylish, but it is functional.

As well, your company's name and brand are more likely to get noticed in this way, as people tend to pay attention to people who do things differently.

6. Wrapped Around Your Hand

Wrapping it around your hand is mostly for easy access rather than function. Therefore, if you chose this unique way, try to do it towards the end your voyage home.


7. Around Your Neck

Another common way to wear a lanyard is around your neck, again optimizing its promotional qualities.

This is definitely one of the easiest methods as far as access, which is particularly good for student IDs, gym membership cards, or keys.

8. Wear It as a Ring

This is likely the truly unique option on this list, as it allows this tool to double as a piece of jewelry.

While it may not be super stylish either, it will draw attention and keep any necessary items within your grasp.

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