Job fairs are one of the top recruitment strategies companies use to attract talent. With the average cost per hire at over $4000, you want to make sure you hire the best, the brightest, and someone who is engaged with your company.

Engagement is one of the key factors of retention, and it starts with the first impression a potential hire has with your company. You can make a positive impression with promotional items and use them to give employees at positive impression.

If you're looking for innovative recruiting ideas, read on to learn more about incorporating promotional items into your recruiting practices.

Employee Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is dying in a world of never-ending marketing messages. You can reverse that trend by creating employee brand loyalty as you're recruiting new employees. When you have employees who are loyal to your brand, you have higher employee retention rates and higher customer satisfaction.

How can you use promotional items to create brand loyalty when recruiting?

Choose promotional products that show off your logo and your recruits will use. Let's say that you're going to a job fair targeting recent college graduates. They might find keychains, bags, or t-shirts to be fun and useful items.

If you're going to an executive job fair, your product choices might be a little different. Mugs or USB drives might be a better fit.

Choose Products That Reflect Your Company Culture

No matter how many recruiting strategies you have, it's hard to find a job candidate who is an exact fit for your company's culture. Promotional products can help you navigate that challenge.

For example, if your company culture thrives on fun and adventure, you can choose products to reflect that. Inflatable toys are a great way to show you're a fun company.

Job candidates who appreciate those products will probably fit well with your fun and adventurous company.

Promotional Products in the Interview Process

For candidates who make it to the interview process, you'll want to leave another good impression. You want to instill a sense of pride in the company and the brand.

At the interview, you can give your prospects notebooks and pens with your logo.

Create a Kit for New Hires

New hires are excited to start their new position at your company. You can capitalize on that excitement by making them feel welcome.

Most companies have a new hire kit with a folder full of policies and procedures. You can make your new hire kit impressive by adding a few promotional items like a bag, t-shirt, and water bottle.

This will make your new hires will feel welcome and like they're a part of your team.

Promotional Items Support Your Recruitment Strategies

If you want to hire and retain the best employees, you have to start by making a positive first impression.

By incorporating promotional products into your recruitment strategies, you show your potential employees what your company is about.

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