Custom Trade Show Counters & Promotional Counters Australia

We have a brilliant trade show counter which comes printed in vibrant full colour, and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Not only are they easy to stand, they are extremely lightweight and portable which makes transporting a cinch to any event or trade expo. The outer material (called a skin) is interchangeable too, so you only need to purchase one hardware set and from there you can order multiple skins for your promotions and specials. Enquire now and our team will provide you a fast written quote and a 100% no obligation artwork mock up prior to order commitment.


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    Trade show counters offer you something different to what you might have used at trade shows in the past, so why should you make this change? These counters offer you the chance to sit down with people, discuss your products and services and give people a point of contact, which is vital for people exploring a crowded trade show floor. Used in the right way, this will be your point of sale, giving you the chance to connect with people more directly and personally.

    Trade show counters get your new business seen

    Your business attends trade shows in order to promote its brand and reach out to new people who might not know about your business yet. That’s why impressing people and creating the right first impressions is so incredibly important. A dull and predictable trade show booth will do nothing for your brand, whereas a custom counter will make people look your way and also approach you to find out more.

    Simple set up in minutes

    These are pop-up desk-type counters, so they’re easy to move and use when you’re setting up your booth. There’s no hassle involved, and you’ll reap the rewards right away. One of the most important features is that it’s designed in a way that is specific to your business. It’s completely custom, so you can choose how you want it to look and fit it out with your logo and brand name. It’ll make it immediately clear to everyone who you are and what you offer.

    Various sizes and styles available

    You can also choose sizes and configurations to make sure that the show counter is right for your business. To put it simply, this expo counter puts the power in your hands, meaning you’re able to decide how you want your stand to look. That’s really important because you know what’s best for your business so you should exert custom control over how it looks on the trade show floor.

    If you ever do selling in a showroom, you can use these counters in that scenario too. They’re perfect for discussing things with people at while you negotiate deals and discuss quotes. They can also be used outdoors if you’re handing out leaflets or at supermarkets if you’re marketing directly or handing out samples to people.

    Once you have your custom trade show counter in place, you will find it very easy to pack up and transport, which is obviously key for any business that attends a lot of trade shows and marketing events throughout the year. Don’t underestimate how important this can be when choosing a booth or counter for your next trade show.

    Ready to promote yourself?

    Maybe it’s time for you to ditch your old trestle table and use something a little more dynamic like our custom trade show counters. It’ll completely change how you experience future trade shows, and the investment is worth making because they can be used in multiple other contexts as well. It’s all about getting closer to the customer and making your business more approachable at these kinds of events. It’s a potential shortcut to success, so make the most of it.