Custom Branded Feather Banners Delivered Fast

These feather banners are ideal for any events, shows, expo, ceremonies, parties and the list goes on. Very easy and simple to set up, customise with your logo or brand, this is a sure way to get noticed.


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    With digital and social media finding its way into companies’ ad campaigns, not many opt for conventional marketing methods anymore. However, there’s one item that’s still popular for its features and capabilities: printed feather banners. These colourful, fluttering flags are the perfect way to promote a business, build a brand, and draw attention to special events. Read on to learn the benefits of Dynamic Gift’s high-quality, brightly-coloured custom feather banners.

    Advertisement at All Hours

    With custom branded feather flags, Australian brands can get 24/7 exposure. There’s no need to take them down after each use, unlike digital marketing methods, which expire or lose validity after just a few hours in many cases.

    Low Cost

    If a Sydney customer compares the cost of various forms of advertising, customised feather fags are less costly than other options. In considering the longevity and lifespan of these flags, as well as their low cost, it’s easy to see how a company can get an excellent value for its investment.

    Minimal Space Requirements

    Custom branded feather flags take up very little space. The biggest flags are typically about a metre wide, which makes them a great addition for small spaces. When in a city such as Brisbane, where there’s minimal space with which to work, printed feather banners are an effective way to advertise an event or brand.

    Simple Assembly

    Custom feather banners are easy to assemble, and no tools are required. Unlike conventional banners that require the drilling of holes and hammering of nails, simply assemble the pole sections and slide the banner on. It only takes a few minutes to assemble or disassemble these flags, which makes them great for last-minute events and ad campaigns.

    Working in All Conditions

    Custom branded feather flags are sometimes known as sail flags because they stand up to all sorts of weather. While a banner may be damaged in a strong wind, feather flags are built to withstand the strongest gusts. Some of our flags are designed to move with the wind, which prevents them from tangling and tipping over. All of these benefits show that custom feather banners are a great choice in every part of Australia.

    An Evergreen Investment

    Printed feather banners are a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. With their durable construction, they can be used for years. Customised feather banners are a one-time investment that may bring many years of continual returns.


    According to the customer’s budget, they can have a row of flags, with each advertising a different feature of a sale, product, or event. Those on restrictive budgets can customise their flags with all the information they need, and add more banners as their budget allows. As shown here, custom branded feather flags are an excellent choice for Australian business owners who want to spread a marketing message in a unique and memorable way. After considering the above benefits, call Dynamic Gift to request a quote or place an order.
    So you can see that custom feather flags are indeed a wise advertisement investment. Not only are they affordable and versatile in function, once set up, they are out of the way and unassuming. Besides, these flags are portable, which means you can carry and place them at any venue you want to advertise about you, your business or your event.