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Do you need big branding at a highly affordable price? Then we have the perfect product for you. 5 Minute setup, compact enough to fit into a standard car boot, optional staff counter/desk which is designed to deploy in only seconds and doubles as a carry case. Stretch display items are the all new way to promote your message, they are ultra sleek and have crisp visuals. What are you waiting for? Talk to us today!


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    Garnering attention at a trade show isn't always an easy task. With so many companies competing for attention, a business may find they struggle to attract visitors to their booth or station. This doesn't have to be the case, however, as Media Walls get noticed even in a crowded field. With the help of the wall, a company finds they are able to increase brand awareness and exposure, and Event Walls may be used again and again in Sydney, Australia. The business gets a good return on investment when they choose this advertising option at trade shows, conferences and more.

    Why Media Walls?

    A media wall may be used for more than simply trade shows and conferences. Companies often employ them during marketing seminars, press events, photo shoots and red carpet functions. With the help of the wall, a company gets big format exposure at major events, and the benefits go well beyond this. The logo repetition seen on many walls helps to reinforce the brand in the mind of the viewer, yet care must be taken to select a wall that truly shares the values and vision of the company. A low quality media wall does more harm than good, thus businesses need to keep this in mind at all times.

    The vast range of benefits

    A media wall is a lightweight, portable display, making it easy for companies to employ it in a variety of locations. As long as there is enough room to set up the display, the media wall can be of help. The frame on the media wall is simple to assemble and can be taken down in only a matter of minutes. This wall may be used for a variety of purposes, as mentioned above, and it helps to attract attention.

    We give you more options than any other display company

    When purchasing a media wall, a company may wish to consider some additional accessories. Halogen lights allow for greater impact of the media wall, and they are only one of many lighting options currently available. For those who wish to share marketing materials or promotional items with booth visitors, a counter display is beneficial, and there are other accessories which may increase the usefulness of the media wall. Be sure to ask about all options.

    Styles To Choose From

    Media walls come in numerous styles including straight and curved. Clients find this to be of great help when choosing, as they aren't limited to one option that doesn't meet their needs. Furthermore, the wall can be customised to show the brand logo or another image the company feels best represents them and their corporation. Select from different fabrics and materials as well depending on the type of wall desired.

    With so many different types of media walls to choose from, every business will find they benefit from this type of advertising. With proper care, the event walls last for an extended period of time, yet the company only pays at the time of purchase. Consider this advertising method today, as it has numerous advantages and no drawbacks to speak of.